A Certain Dairy Of Someone
1 Chapter 1 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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1 Chapter 1 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

I, Xyllise Buckwhet and this is my story.

Xyllise Buckwhet is a very charming and a independent woman. She lives in a very miserable life, finding her purpose and wanting to be loved. Xyllise started to go in middle school, when she went to her school she saw many students receiving some flowers and cake to their first day of school, but xyllise continued to find her room. After a few minutes she found it, she saw a man on her front and a girl sit beside her. Her name is Berry, Berry is a small girl and pretty, after a day they became friends.

One time on their school activities xyllise and berry met a guy named Lucas. Lucas is a friendly man, a dancer and also a singer, then he introduce himself to berry and xyllise. Suddenly lucas remember his ex girlfriend look alike berry that's why they became very close to the point that they fall in love to each other. They hold each other hands. Eating together, watching movie together, text and call each other, and they like a lovey dovey, but xyllise got jealous because she had a crush on lucas. On that time berry didn't know that her friend has a crush on her boyfriend so xyllise is tyring to hide and pretend on her true feelings about lucas and she decided to focus on her study.

Months has passed berry and lucas is always fighting because of small things that they don't understand each other and they broke up. Then lucas went on xyllise to ask where is berry but she get mad at him because he hurt her friend berry. Time goes by xylllise and berry lost their communication because of what happened, xyllise is very sad at that moment she don't know what she's going to do. then lucas came to comfort xyllise and they became so close to each other.

On their afternoon lunch break lucas saw xyllise walking in the street alone finding where she can eat so lucas went to xyllise to ask her if it's okay to eat together then they agreed. Everyday they always eat, talking silly things, teasing each other, watching movie and they got comfortable to each others company. One day xyllise came to her mind that she has a feelings for lucas but she keep it, because she's afraid that lucas don't have any feelings for her, Apparently Lucas has the same feelings for xyllise but they continue their relationship as a friend.

It is hard for xyllise to keep her feelings because she's afraid that one day lucas will find another girl better than her. Lucas asked xyllise if she want to come for a date then she got excited because finally Lucas taking her for a date. They went in a beach watching the sunset, eating ice cream and lucas fell asleep under the tree that tree symbolize her love for him, days has passed their relationship is getting serious but they didn't became lovers. They always eat together on their lunch break, comforting each other when they had a tough day they are very sweet to each other like a lovers xyllise is so very happy knowing that lucas staying by her side challenges came to test their relationship as a friend but still they holding on to trust each other.

But one day lucas dissappeared for almost a months. Xyllise has no idea what's going on to lucas asking herself "What happened" "I miss him so much" and wanting to hear his reason why did he leave. It is hard for xyllise because she didn't confess her feelings to him, she's crying every night, go to their tree hoping that lucas is there.


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