A Certain Dairy Of Someone
2 Chapter 2 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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2 Chapter 2 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

but she don't see him. There are so many question running in her mind where on earth lucas live and why did he leave her alone without any reason it cause so much pain and she can't hold it anymore.

Every hour, every minute and even every second she think for lucas she walk on the streets and suddenly she saw a familiar face "L-lucas" she whispered. Xyllise ran into him and hug him tightly and she asked him while her tears keep on falling "Why did you leave me without any reason?!" huh?" answer me, "I'm sorry xyllise for leaving you without any reason because I need to travel far to see my mom, but don't worry I'm here already and I promise that I will never leave you so stop crying" lucas replied. Lucas hug her tightly to keep her calm, he and xyllise get back as being best friends but xyllise still inlove with her bestfriend.

Years has passed they create many memories together, getting to know more about their family, saying "I love you's and I miss you's" (TLN why would you say "I love you" to your friend? (?・・) Probably because I don't have a friend. Anyway let's just read it) to each other and they realized that they are not a simple best friends anymore because they love each other. Xyllise got confused if she tell lucas of her true feelings, then one day she met a Christian servant named Naomi she invited her in their church and xyllise is so very blessed seeking God. So that she went to the church every Sunday with lucas because she realized if she's going to trust God and be the center of their friendship it would be good for them, but she's mistaken.

Her plan is different to God's plan because God has a better plan for her so she continue serving God, while serving God xyllise got busy on her ministry so that she didn't talk to lucas regularly she felt comfortable with other Christians til' she realized that she loves God above all else but still she love lucas. While xyllise busy serving God and to her ministry lucas is flirting with another girl(TLN a true play boy) but he didn't tell it to xylllise. A weeks after they had no conversation she got confused of what happen to lucas so she decided checked his social media account while surfing on his timeline and my days in messenger she got shocked what she saw.

She saw a picture of lucas and another girl and their sweet conversation she don't know if its true or not, she call lucas but he didn't answer his phone. Lucas continue flirting to another girl without telling it to xyllise that he already had a girl in his heart.

Xyllise continue her advocacy to serve God with all his heart and defending on God because she don't know what will going to do. Days and weeks has passed she still haven't received any calls or texts from lucas so she decided to text him again if he's free for meet up.

Xyllise continue her studies until she became one of the most outstanding student on her school she kept herself busy so that she can forget about lucas because he didn't keep his promise to xyllise that he never leave her again but sadly he did. Before the school year end she need to do a one decision to end her pain and end between her and lucas, she's crying every night thinking what decision she's going to make. One time on their church there has a 3 days encounter or spiritual retreat in that situation you need to surrender everything to God in order to serve him wholeheartedly (TLN I'm not the one who put this it's ms. Neeko-chan like Abraham sacrifice his son to prove his faith to God as a servant).

"I love lucas very much even if he didn't kept his promises, even if he has another girl but I also love God I love serving him, I want to know him more deeper so I need to choose I cannot serve two masters" "What should I do?" xyllise asked herself. Then one day she got a message from lucas that he wants to meet, xyllise immediately run to their meeting place and they talk seriously.

"How a-aare y-youu?" xyllise said.


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