A Certain Dairy Of Someone
5 Chapter 5 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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5 Chapter 5 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

A day has passed and steven got early again. He is excited to meet his friend and his crush (TLN crush is a strong feeling of romantic love for someone that is usually not expressed and does not last a long time). Someone is using their room so he can't get in(TLN I think his classes starts in afternoon but he forgot to write it). He just sat on the stairs waiting. A sudden familiar figured is walking up stairs it was "tricxy" he don't know why she is so early too but probably it's because she's excited going to school. Steven heart beat is so strong that he can hear it (TLN Heart beating sounds "Ba-dump! Ba-dump! (;;;・_・) ). He is so nervous because tricxy might hear it but he can't move. He is frozen "crap! Move!" He said. Tricxy is just a meter away from him but he is struggling as if his life depends on it. Tricxy pass him already and she didn't even lay her eyes on Steven as if he is not there.

Time passes and the other students who used their room is gone (TLN they got home not totally gone). Steven friend also arrive. "Hey! Good morning!" He said. "good morning~" Steven replied. "did something happen?" his friend asked. "you look like you suffer from a huge defeat" he added. "no, it's not that! It's jus-t" Steven nervously answered. "no, it's nothing. Just forget about it" Steven added. The bell rang and the class is starting. it was their homeroom teacher ang she's going to give them a sitting arrangement. Steven assigned in the second row sit while his friend is in the third row and besides him is "tricxy". Steven can't look behind because his crush is behind him.

The time pass and their homeroom is finish. He heard a familiar voice talking behind him so he's eavesdropping "here let me help you" the guy said "thank you" the girl replied. when he look back the girl was tricxy and the guy was his friend and he thought "when did they got so close?" Steven asked. Steven and tricxy met their eyes. On that moment steven averted his eyes (TLN a shy type huh?) Steven got jealous of his friend but at the moment he saw Tricxy eyes he notice something and he whispered "Is she wearing a contact lense?" Steven whispered. He also said "it was green, it suits her well" Steven said. "she looks even more prettier" He also added.

The classes are done and they were going home but steven said to his friend "do you have a minute? How about a walk?" Steven asked. "sure" His friend answered. (TLN is there a love triangle going on? And the war is nearing. a Friend will be facing each other, pointing their sword to each other throat. That's a samurai you dumbass! (-_-;)・・・). As they walk steven started to talk. "I hope that I'm you" Steven said to his friend. "why?" His friend asked. "do you remember your seat is near tricxy and you also help her fix her thing this morning" Steven replied. "don't worry I don't have any feelings for her" His friend said. "I won't steal her from you but I'm going to help you know her better" His friend Continued. "I'll be the bridge and the way, that you can use to reach her" his friend said. "I'm rooting for you remember?" He also added. (TLN where is the fight? ¯\\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯ I want some action! A real man should fight each other to show their love! Unless his friend his gay.....(눈‸눈) ).


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