A Certain Dairy Of Someone
6 Chapter 6 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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6 Chapter 6 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

Another day has passed and Steven is early again. When he is walking he found Tricxy. Steven was wondering if there is some kind of meaning or reason why she's always early. But he can't find the answer he thought that the best way to find out is to ask her directly but Steven don't have the courage to do it. He keeps thinking of it until the bell rang. The day passed again and he decided to go to school early again. He thought that maybe that was accident. When he is already in there he can find Tricxy and he said "maybe that was just a coincidence" Steven said. then a familiar figure appeared it was Tricxy. Steven want to approach her and ask if there is some kind of reason why she's always early. But again he don't have the courage to do so.

Months passed and the school year is ending but Steven haven't confess his feelings the only thing that he can do is going to school early. Because that's the only time where he can spend time alone with Tricxy but they aren't even talking. Another day has passed their routine keeps repeating going to school early is just a part of it. But one day Steven got a courage because this happened. Steven was in the balcony or hallway it was their break time. Suddenly someone bump Steven in the hallway. The hall way is big enough it was five meter long but someone bump him. It wasn't a coincidence. When he looked at who did it he saw it was Tricxy and his friend. "I'm sorry, that wasn't intentional" Tricxy apologized. "don't mind it! That was just an accident" Steven answered with a smile. then Tricxy walk away with her friend.

After that the part where Tricxy bump him didn't hurt at all. He touch it as if it was precious that was his first physical contact with Tricxy and his first conversation with her. The last day of his second year student has come and he want to say his feelings for Tricxy after the class. But he didn't expect that Tricxy friend have a feelings for him. He can't say anything because Tricxy is already gone before the class end she have a urgent matter to attend so she left the class early. Steven can't confess his feelings to her anymore he thought that he wouldn't be able to meet her again. He enjoy the little time of his second year with his friend.

They were watching a movie and the chair is almost occupied and someone is standing behind Steven. Steven thought that it was his friend but when he feels something is different because the hand that touching him is so soft when he look at who is it. it was Tricxy friend. "I'm sorry for touching your hand your without a permission! I thought you were my friend I'm sorry!" Steven said As he bow and offer his seat. "It's okay, but I want to stand" Tricxy's friend said. "you should just sit, that sit is yours" Tricxy's friend Continued. "No! It's okay! You should take it" Steven said. "I had enough and I want to stand, you should take my sit instead" Steven replied while he go out of the room. That time he still didn't know that Tricxy is gone. He is searching and hoping that he can now confess his feeling but Tricxy is nowhere to be found.


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