A Certain Dairy Of Someone
7 Chapter 7 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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7 Chapter 7 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

The last day of school has ended. He can't contain his feelings anymore. His friend knew what's happening and he is try to cheer him up. "Are you alright?" His friend asked. "Yes, I'm okay" Steven answered. "why don't you tell her?" His friend asked. "I know her email address" He continued. Steven still have a chance to tell his feelings for her. He decided to added her email address. A day later and Steven received a notification "you can now contact each other" Steven was smiling because Tricxy accepted his friend request (TLN take note she accepted your friend request not your feelings LOL! (-_-;)・・・). Steven has now a courage to tell Tricxy his feelings. "Hi! How are you?" Steven asked. "I'm fine, How about you?" Tricxy answered. "Why did you leave so early?" Steven asked. "Something came up, and I can't miss it" Tricxy replied. "I have something to tell you" Steven said. "Then what is it? Tell me now" Tricxy replied. Steven takes a minute before he write it. "I think I'm falling inlove!" Steven said. "Who is it? Tell me? your secret is safe with me" Tricxy replied. "It was you" Steven said. "You always tell funny joke!" Tricxy replied. "How did you know?" Steven asked. "I watched you always" Tricxy answered. "I had a habbit like that, but this time I was serious!" Steven said. "I think I like you Tricxy!" Steven Continued.

A minute has passed and there is still no response from her. "Why aren't you answering?" Steven asked. "You know Steven we are still young and there are things we haven't done" Tricxy answered. "and I don't think I'm ready for that kind of relationship, I think you can find a better girl than me" she continued. "you deserve more! You are a very intelligent person, you rank four on our room" Tricxy said. The emotion is mixed up inside and he don't know what to say anymore. "I did that because I want you to notice me Tricxy!" Steven said. "I did those thing so that you can notice me! You are the reason why I ranked four in our room" Steven continued. "I think I'm not ready yet" Tricxy replied. "I'll be waiting until you became ready" Steven said. "It's just a crush it won't last long" Tricxy replied. "It's not just crush I fall at first sight, I like your for a year now" Steven said. "I can't give you anything more than friends" Tricxy replied (TLN a Friend zone LOL! (╥﹏╥) ). "Is that so, but I'll be waiting even it takes a months or years" Steven said. Tricxy didn't replied.

Steven is happy that maybe there is still a chance for him. His Sister came and told him if he wants to come and have a vacation in their province. Steven came and enjoy life for now. He did many kind of things. It was summer that time and most of the resorts are open. He enjoy doing stuff like scuba diving and swimming. He enjoy the view of the beach all of his worries and thoughts disappear.


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