A Certain Dairy Of Someone
8 Chapter 8 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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8 Chapter 8 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

Two months has passed and they need to attend classes again. He was a third year that time as he walk his friend is on the front gate. "Hey! I been waiting for you!" His friend said. "Why?" Steven asked. "Were classmate this year silly!" His friend said. "Wait, really?!" Steven asked. "I have other things to say to you!" His friend said. "Tell me now?" Steven replied. "But before that. Where have you been?" His friend asked. "I haven't received any news from you!" His friend Continued. "I had a summer vacation and it was fun! You should come next summer I'll be your tour guide" Steven answered. "Then I'm in your care" his friend replied. "Wait! I forgot to tell you that Tricxy is also our classmate this year" his friend said. Steven got shock from what he heard. "It's not a funny joke bro!" Steven replied. "You should just take a look. Our room is over there" his friend said.

Steven run as if his life depends on it. He saw a familiar figure sitting on the second row. Before he enter he make sure that his name is on the list. He also try to find Tricxy name. Both of the names are in there. He came in and try to find a vacant seat but the only seat available is in front. He sit in front of Tricxy But steven doesn't have the strength to look at her.

The bell rang and the classes is starting. A month passed and Steven met his new friend. That time Steven interact with each other as a friend. He also met Tricxy new friend who is studying a Hangul (TLN Hangul is korean language and I don't know if I should put it here but I think I should for those who don't know). That girl know how to read and write using Hangul. Steven can see that Tricxy has a interest on it so he tried to learn it from her friend. "Hi! Can you teach me how to read and write using Hangul?" Steven asked. (TLN I think I should name her. From now on you are Sung-ah because she likes everything about korea. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧). "Sure" Sung-ah replied. It took three days before Steven learn how to write and read. He also got close to Sung-ah.

A week later. Tricxy and one of her friend is talking."Do you know this guy?" Diane asked. (TLN I also bestowed her a name so you guys won't confused who I'm referring as her friend). "Of course, he is popular here" Tricxy replied. "He is my ex-boyfriend" Diane said. "You are so lucky! I hope I got one like him too! You know if someone tried to hit on me I'll accept him as my boyfriend!" Tricxy said. Steven can hear everything Tricxy said and thought that Tricxy is referring to him (TLN boy don't just assumed things you'll regret it (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ ). After the school end Steven try to talk to Tricxy using Hangul. "Hi! I'm Steven nice to meet you" Steven said (TLN that was in Hangul I just translate it so you guys can understand it. Because That's my job! (눈‸눈) ).


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