A Certain Dairy Of Someone
9 Chapter 9 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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9 Chapter 9 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

"wow! You can now write hangul?" Tricxy asked. "I just happened to know a little about it" Steven replied. "I know a little bit of it" Tricxy said. "I'm still waiting for you" Steven said. "Sorry, I was busy studying and don't have time for things like that now" Tricxy replied. (TLN wait what? you are busy of what? ಠಿ_ಠ ). "I'm still going to wait" Steven said. A month has passed again and Steven thought if he got ranked again Tricxy will recognized him. The listed for the people who got ten highest grade/average is placed in ranked, and now it's released. Steven got ranked four on second quarter. (TLN he got a reasons why he can't get into first or even three because the person who got first, two, and three will receive a recognition in stage but Steven is a Introvert and can't stand a crowd).

He tried to find the name Tricxy but she can't see it. Then he tried to talk to Tricxy. "Too bad you didn't got in, you should try harder next time" Steven said. "I'll do my best" Tricxy replied. Time has passed and the fourth quarter is around the corner. (TLN the second semester is ending.) Steven tried to confess to her again but one of his friend have a feelings for Tricxy too. He can't afford to try it because his friend Jiro is preventing that to happen (TLN I also bestowed him a name). Most of the attempt That Steven Tried failed and it end messed up. That was because of Jiro. Steven can't even said anything to Jiro. He just let Jiro did all those thing. Steven Got Friend zone for third time. His heart is shattered to pieces.

A week later He decided to stop chasing Tricxy because Tricxy doesn't even care about him and he is just a friend in Tricxy's eyes. Steven don't have any reason to impress Tricxy so he stop studying hard he is now enjoying his third year hanging out with his friend. One day because of the rain they can't go home and they decided to grab something to eat. Then they eat Lugaw to make their stomach heated until the rain stop. (TLN Lugaw is like a soup but the difference is it's made of rice). Every night that was their routine because of the rainy season.

A Day has passed again. Like usual they were heading in Lugawan (TLN Lugawan is a store were they sale Lugaw). After they eat they were all going home but suddenly one of his friends Leo introduce her cousins it was Mia, and Taki. Steven didn't notice the past week because he is introvert but Mia, and Taki was always with Leo. "This is my cousin Mia and Taki" Leo said while he introduced his cousin. But Steven didn't replied. "Hi! Steven this is Mia!" Taki said while pushing Mia. "I really need to go home Leo, maybe we can continue talking tommorow" Steven replied.


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