A Certain Dairy Of Someone
10 Chapter 10 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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10 Chapter 10 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

Inside the classroom while they were talking " Hey! Steven! I think my cousin Mia like you " Leo said. " You must be kidding, there are plenty of guy's over there that is better than me " Steven replied. " She said they were all playboy and all they do is flirt unlike you " Leo said. " I don't think I have time for that because you know what happened to me right? " Steven replied. " I know that you are down because of what happened, that's why you should try to know her better right? " Leo replied. " I'll keep that in mind " Steven replied. The classes are done and Steven is packing his thing. " Aren't you going to come with us? " Leo said. " I have something to do " Steven said. " But before you do it atleast you should come with us and eat " Leo said. " Okay " Steven replied. " Why aren't we going to Lugawan?" Steven said. " Someone is joining us " Leo replied. " Who? " Steven asked. " You will know soon " Leo answered.

The one who will coming with us in Lugawan was Mia and Taki It was Leo cousins. They all go in Lugawan. Steven didn't know that Leo planned this. He don't know that he is going to sit beside Mia. He was surprised that time and he can't show that. He casually sit down and order their food. Both of them didn't talk even they were close. Leo didn't saw this coming so he think of another plan. After the eat they go outside. When Steven is about to go home one of his friend told him that Mia is going to say something to him. But when they were facing each other Leo and his other friend leave him and Mia. Steven can't leave Mia because she will end up alone in the store. Suddenly Mia speak " I'm sorry, you end up alone with me. " She said. " It doesn't matter I'll just wait until there's a Trycle or a jeep so I can make sure to your cousin that you were safe when you got home " Steven replied. ( TLN Trycle or Jeep is used for Transportation it's similar to taxi ). " I thought you had something to do? " Mia asked. " No, that wasn't urgent " Steven answered. They talk until Mia called a Trycle.

They now know each other better and Mia also said why He like Steven. She said that most of the guy tried to hit on her. She also said that Steven was different because when they met Steven didn't even stare at her as if she wasn't in there. Because of that characteristics Mia had a crush on Steven. Every Night after school they were eating. They are now comfortably sitting together and they were also comfortably talking to each other. Steven broken heart that shattered to piece and his deep wound is healing because of Mia.


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