A Certain Dairy Of Someone
11 Chapter 11 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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11 Chapter 11 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

Months has passed and Steven is inlove with her. He can't tell Mia because he is afraid that it might ruined their friendships. They both love each other but they can't tell it. Their relationship is stayed at friends. Even though Steven didn't tell his feelings he is showing it to Mia and Mia do that to.

A week later and Most of the third year students have a festival dance. Both Mia and Steven is participating but the were competing. But sadly both of them lose. The festival was so fun and enjoyable there are so many amazing things like jail booth and horror booth. ( TLN What is amazing in jail booth? ¯\\(°_o)/¯ ). The spoke person said " if you ever see someone who have a tattoo in his/her face bring him/her in jail booth ". That time because of the festival Steven have a tattoo on his face and he got arrested. That time he can feel the enjoyment of his youth and he thought that he overcome his shyness. The time pass and someone said to Mia that Steven got caught and he was in the jail booth. Mia pay so that Steven can be free. " Thanks! I'll pay you later " Steven said. " You don't have to " Mia replied. " Then you can take this " Steven said while giving the cookies he brought in the other booth. " Wow thank you! " Mia replied. Then the festival is over.

A month passed again. The day before the Christmas party. " Are you going to attend the party? " Mia asked. " Yes, why? " Steven answered. "Are you free in the afternoon? " Mia asked. " Yes, is there something you want? " Steven answered and asked. " Yes! If you don't mind " Mia answered. " Where do you want to go? " Steven asked. " Let's go to Circus! " Mia answered. " Okay let's go after the party " Steven replied. The christmas party is done. Steven and his friend were heading to circus because Taki and Mia is already in there. Steven and Mia try to ride the Viking it was first time for Steven and he has a feared of heights but he don't mind it because he want to Have fun with Mia.

While riding the Viking Leo can't take it anymore he was stopping his vomit from bursting out. " I can't take it anymore! " Leo shouted. " You can do this I have feared of heights too " Steven replied while shouting. " Aaa-aaaaahhh " Leo shouted. While Leo is so scared, Mia and Taki is having fun they were shouting and screaming so loud " wOo-hhooO! " They shouted. The ride is finish and they want to try boomerang. ( TLN Boomerang is like rollercoaster ). But Ms. Sunflower don't want to ride it and she said that she don't have money so Steven give her money because Steven wants to enjoy every ride with his friend. Steven and Mia sit on the front of the boomerang cart while on the back is Sung-ah and the rest of his friend.


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