A Certain Dairy Of Someone
12 Chapter 12 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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12 Chapter 12 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

The boomerang is so fun but it seems that miss. Sunflower and spencer were developing their chemistry. Steven and Mia enjoyed the Boomerang. Steven and Mia head to Cable car to enjoy the night and the view. " Jiro! Can I borrow your phone? " Mia asked. Jiro give his phone. ( TLN Steven said to me that Mia and him don't have a phone that time so they borrow one ). While the cable car is moving Mia is taking pictures with Steven. " Can you look at camera? " Mia asked. Then Steven look at the camera. Mia know that Steven is scared of heights that's why she's making fun of Steven. But that time the only thing running to his head is " Is this what you feel when you are with someone you love? " He also thought " is this considered a date? " Those words were the only thing he can think of. He was enjoying every second of being with Mia and he hopes that it will never end.

The circus is closing and they need to get back home. It's time for them part they ways. They tell goodbyes to each other hoping that they will meet again. A week later Leo and Steven had a small misunderstanding that led them to fight each other. Because of that Leo did a very worst thing. He told lies to Mia that Steven was seeing another woman and other horrible things that made Mia hate Steven. It was Mia's Birthday but Steven didn't know and he haven't received a invitation card. He was walking and he saw Jiro holding a Teddy bear and a flower. " Where are you going? And what's that for? " Steven asked. " I have something to attend to, My friend have a birthday today and this is her present " Jiro answered. Steven didn't ask again and he saty with Jiro until he called a Trycle.

That time Steven didn't know that Jiro's friend is Mia and it's her birthday that day. Jiro didn't tell Steven even though he know that Steven and Mia had a mutual understanding. It was too late when he found out that it was Mia birthday. Steven tried to apologize and explain via email address why he didn't attend her birthday party. " I'm sorry I didn't attend your birthday party " Steven said. that time Steven didn't know what Leo did to him. " Can you please not talk and text me anymore!? " Mia replied. That moment Steven knew that there is something going on. Steven don't know what is going on so he asked Mia. " What did I do wrong to you? I need an explanation " Steven asked. " Can't you see I don't wanna talk and see you anymore " Mia replied. Steven sat on the floor. Those words pierced his heart and shattered it again.


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