A Certain Dairy Of Someone
13 Chapter 13 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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13 Chapter 13 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

Steven don't know what he did wrong Steven ask his friend if he did something wrong but no one answered him. Steven was so broke that time. Steven thought that he can change but actually nothing's changed. It was all illusion. Steven became depressed. A summer has passed and Steven was fourth year that time. Steven didn't expect anything. Steven stop trusting anyone and he don't care what's happening around him. The worst thing is the friend he hate Jiro is one of his classmates but he didn't care about it anymore. In those day he met a same person as him it was Vincent. Steven and Vincent got along well they don't care about each other but they were hanging out together because they don't have friends.

Five months has passed and they both know each other. One night they played a computer games and they didn't saw the time it was already 12:00am. They decided to go home. Steven take the opposite direction. Steven was walking alone in the dark and someone just punch him from behind. Steven tried to put a fight but his enemy is so many. Until Steven fall on the ground. Then the group of people continue to beat him. That time Steven can't feel the pain from punches. Then someone saw it " Hey what are guy's doing on that guy?! " he shouted while running to help Steven. The group of people run from the different direction. The guy who helped Steven Tried to catch them but Steven said " you don't have to catch them " he said. " Are you sure you are okay? " The guy said. " Yeah, I'm okay and thank you for helping me " Steven said as he is trying to get up.

He got home walking as if nothing's happened. The night has passed and Steven woke up with a black spot on his right eye, his face is also covered in scratches and his body is heavy. Steven can feel all the pain in his body. Steven was hurt but he still go to school cover with scratches. " What happened to you? " Vincent asked. " I trip on something " Steven asked. Months has passed and Steven graduate. Leo showed up in front of Steven and he asked for forgiveness. " I already forgive you and I already forgot what you did " Steven said. A year has passed again and Steven was already a seniorhigh Student. Steven was browsing on the internet and he saw a familiar face it was Tricxy. she's dating a guy and that guy is officially his boyfriend. That guy is rich and they were holding hands on the photos as Steven scrolled down He saw a kissing photo of Tricxy and the Guy. The tears coming down from his eye. Steven didn't know that he was crying.

" Why are you crying? " Steven asked himself. Steven didn't know that some where in his heart is still waiting for Tricxy to accept him. Stevent thought that don't have any feelings left for Tricxy but the tear's is continuing to fall down. Steven realized that if you are rich you can get anything. Some part of Steven was still waiting for Tricxy. " It's been three years already! Stop daydreaming that she will accept you! You should just move on " Steven said to himself. His tear's continued to fall until his eyes dried.


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