A Certain Dairy Of Someone
14 Chapter 14 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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14 Chapter 14 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

Ten years passed and he didn't finish college. Steven became addicted to drugs and alcohol. Steven got alcoholic because her mother died nine years ago. Steven don't have any family because his brother and sister left him. Steven became paranoid when he is not taking drug. his house became mess. He now have a mustache growing and a long hair. He don't have any job. The only one who is supporting him is her childhood who have a feelings for him. The girl name Dennie she was a lovely girl. Dennie met Steven again on his Mother funeral. Dennie was the one who is comforting Steven when his mother passed away. Steven accept Dennie feelings for him hoping that Dennie could fill the hole in his chest but it wasn't enough. Dennie love Steven. " Honey! I think you should get a job now! " Dennie said. But Steven didn't replied. " You should also stop drinking and smoking, it's bad for your health " Dennie said. " Why are you telling me what should I do?! Steven angrily replied. " I'm just telling you that I can't support both of us anymore if you keep on drinking! " Dennie angrily answered. " Why don't you just leave me alone like anybody else?! " Steven angrily replied. " Because I was pregnant Steven and you are the father! You should take responsibility you now have a child stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs " Dennie also said " you should now think a future not for your self but for us! " Dennie said. Steven walk out.

Those words keep repeating in his head. Steven told himself " what have I been doing all this year's? " Steven said. " Where did it all go wrong? " Steven asked himself. Months has passed. Steven tried to be a better father he became a Trycle driver. Dennie has been pregnant for eight months so they need money for they child. Steven has been working day and Night without rest. One day Steven help a guy. But the guy was armed with a gun. the guy pointed the gun on Steven head. Steven was thinking what will happen if he give the money to the guy. " What will happen to my child? " Steven asked himself. " Give me your money! " The guy said while pointing the gun. " Please have mercy I have a wife she is pregnant I really need this money " Steven replied while he beg for mercy.

The guy tried to get the money to Steven but Steven fight him. Until Steven got shot. The guy stole his money and Trycle. Steven died. Dennie didn't know about this. She found out what happened a week later and they hold and funeral for Steven. " You should just give them the money " Dennie said in Steven funeral. Dennie was crying so much. She didn't know what to do anymore. A year past a Dennie find a new husband she was now happy and she forgot everything about Steven.


Story by: Steven


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