A Certain Dairy Of Someone
16 Chapter 16 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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16 Chapter 16 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

Another Short Story

Hi I'm Sora and I have a brother who is blinded because of "Love". This is his story. My Brother name is Jacob. He is Twenty Seven years old That time. He is Quiet and He will do anything to make his Family Living Happily Together. He is just like any average guy you can see anywhere. But one day her wife decided to leave him Like a bubble, and without saying goodbye. This all started when her wife is working in club. Sora is still a child that time and he didn't know what is Happening. Sora thought that it was normal at first but when he grow up He noticed that something is wrong.

Sora and her mother is in the bus. They were going to visit Jacob. They were planning to live in Jacob house for a month. "Mom? Where are we going?" Sora asked her Mom. "We are going to your Brother's House" Sora's Mom replied. Sora is still a child that time. (TLN to be more accurate he is 7-9 year's old. That was considered as a child right? \(°o°)/). When they arrived at the bus station his brother Jacob was already there to pick them up.

They arrived at Jacob house safely. Sora meet His brother wife. Her name is Lily. She was beautiful and caring. She has a Tattoo on her body and she is working in a club. (TLN they are not actually a married couple they are just a typical couple whose living in the same house in short they are not married yet). there mother didn't care about the background of his son's partner. she just casually support his son on what ever he does.

The past two weeks was fun and they were all living together. (TLN the sender forgot to tell that Lily has a daughter on his first partner). Then suddenly Lily said that her costumer is visiting there house and Jacob need to Hide because of it. (TLN sorry for the word. but first of all I want to share the respect to all the woman around the globe and sincerely apologising for this word that I'm using. but this is the easiest way for you guys to understand what is going on. all I'm saying is that she is a Gold Digger please forgive me for using this word I sincerely apologise for it).


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