A Certain Dairy Of Someone
17 Chapter 17 A Certain Dairy Of Someone
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A Certain Dairy Of Someone
Author :IHateMySelf
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17 Chapter 17 A Certain Dairy Of Someone

Lily customer is a rich Japanese guy who visit there house. then the Japanese guy really come. Sora didn't know what is happening that time because he didn't understand a thing of what is going on. the Japanese guy is in the living room. Sora is bored and he was playing in his brother room the he can here a whisper. "pssst!" someone whispered. Sora don't know what is going on. "Who are you? are you calling me?" Sora asked. "don't talk too loud and low your voice" someone replied in a very low voice. "where are you?" Sora asked. "look up in the cabinet" someone whispered.

Sora look up in the cabinet and saw a familiar figure. It was his brother "Jacob". "what are you doing in there? are you playing hide and seek? Sora asked. "I'm not playing hide and seek" Jacob answered. "Did the foreigner leave already?" Jacob asked. "He is still in the living room" Sora replied. That time Sora didn't know why he is hiding in there. but when he grow up he realized that his brother is hiding so that the Japanese guy didn't find out that Lily have a partner already.

Jacob did all those thing for the sake of her love to Lily. Jacob accept all of the things that Lily does. Sora realized this when he became a older. this time they already broke up. Lily didn't like Jacob anymore after all the thing he have done for Lily. This story is a bit jumbled because Sora can't remember anything about that time because Sora is still a child around that time.

Sora can't even remember what Happened and what is the reason behind those. But the only thing he knows is Jacob won't do anything that Lily will get upset.

Jacob became numb and was crying every single night he didn't know what have he done to make Lily leave him without a reason.

Story sender: Sora


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