A Misery
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A Misery
Author :Diya_Jain_4945
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Their are 2 sisters named kaya n lucy...n it is summer vacation due to boredomness they decided to visit jungle safari ....the time for visitor is morning 8 to 6 evening...but unfortunately they got stucked in that jungle...in that jungle their is one tree which was covered with high security fencing wire which was too tall to reach anyone... and on that fence it is clearly written" don't touch it and defiance it" but lucy seems naughty and she climb the another nearby tree and throw a stone ...then suddenly a giant body seems mixture of a upper side human n half of lizard it came outside and take lucy with him and he said that i am taking her for 1 month...kaya is shocked and she didn't help her because she knew if she tried to do this then she will also taken up by that creature..next morning she went home n tell that whole incident to her father ..her father decided to do something to save lucy ..he went that jungle n observe that tree n he decided to to threw stone but at that time no creature appears..then he understood that it will only appear at night...on that day he hide in that jungle and after closing of that jungle he went to that tree n again decided to threw a stone but from far away...at that time creature appear and kaya n her father hide somewhere that creature can't see them .. creature failed to find them but because of barking of dog kaya was caught by that creature fir 1 month within half an hour that creature disappeared.....from this whole incident her father observe that the creature has a remote and by pressing it he freez and again becomes tree..and time b/w taking anyone with him all the humans were seens in sky and when he again become tree all humans disappear ...than her father decided to take that remote from him...next day after closing of jungle he threw a stone again .. and stood against that tree when that creature tries to catch him ...her father manage himself to save .. and both are running ,father to save him ..n creature to catch man...but when her father reached at a certain place that creature can't able to follow him at that place becz he can't use his power their ...then suddenly by mistake that remote gets fall from hand of that creature and her father takes it and press that freez button by that creature gets freezed and he make able to bring his daughters n others out of his slave...and managed to take all of them to that safe place...n then he again make it tree n then freez it forever ....


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