Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1521 Absolutely Crushed
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1521 Absolutely Crushed

If the person who had launched the sneak attack had been the Second in the World, then Gu Daoyi would have at most resented the latter for concealing his abilities, causing him to make an error in his calculations, and leading to the fact that he had still sustained minor injury even after he had used the Mystical Power of Ten Lives.

But this person was actually Ling Han!

How could it be Ling Han?

It had clearly only been the Second in the World who had walked ahead of him, could it be… He was suddenly startled; this guy had come up from another place?

Gu Daoyi's expression changed drastically; why did he do that? Could it be that he deliberately did not want others to know of his whereabouts? What about the Second in the World?

"You have purposely come to target me?" he asked menacingly. Though it was a question, his tone was very certain.

Ling Han pointed at him. "It is about time to completely clear the debts between the two of us!"

"Are you even worthy to say such words to me?" Gu Daoyi scoffed. "In my first life, I was the Severing Mundane Ancestor of the Celestial Realm, who do you think you are!" He, too, pointed at Ling Han, his expression filled with condescension.

He did not move at the first moment, because he wanted to drag things out.

It was too disadvantageous to him to start a fight in this place. Ling Han, on the other hand, would definitely be less affected than he was with a strong physique. Previously, he had already lost once to Ling Han, and now he was seriously weakened, and would definitely be less of a match for Ling Han.

It was definitely not a spar this time round; Ling Han was aiming for his life. Even if Gu Daoyi was incredibly confident in himself, he still chose a delaying tactic. As long as another person arrived, would Ling Han still dare make a fatal move against him?

As long as he managed to get out of this, he could come back to seek his vengeance after cultivating a few more years, or he could ask the Star Sand Saint to make a move.

Ling Han had absolute confidence. At the time, he had managed to defeat Gu Daoyi with engraving only Level 14 killing formations in his body, and now he had inscribed the number one killing formation among Level 15 formations, the Blood Crow Formation. Even if Gu Daoyi's cultivation level had improved rapidly and greatly, it could not be as great as that.

He smiled calmly, and did not rush to move, either, but rather asked, "How do you know I am not a reincarnated Celestial King?"

"Hoho!" Gu Daoyi smirked coldly. Actually, he very much wanted to slap Ling Han, but at this point, he could only suppress the urge. He surveyed his surroundings, and said, "I am very curious. If you have deliberately lured me here… but with your abilities, you absolutely are not capable of this!"

"This is the treasure trove of the Heavenly River King. At the time, the Heavenly River King had indeed obtained the inheritance of a Celestial King, yet suffered the combined attacks of a great many Forbidden Lands. In the end, he died, but the Forbidden Lands did not manage to get their hands on this treasure trove," Ling Han explained, appearing to be very generous.

Gu Daoyi's breathing suddenly became rapid. His eyes had widened slightly, and the gaze he directed at Ling Han was filled with covetous greed.

Ling Han nodded, and replied, "You have guessed correctly. This treasure is indeed in my possession, and I conveniently used it to draw you out to settle a problem."

The cultivation technique of a Celestial King!

Gu Daoyi's body was trembling. Perhaps Ling Han did not know what the words Celestial King represented, but he was extremely clear what they meant. The Celestial King… was the king of the whole Celestial Realm!

The Celestial Realm was colossal, and there were many elites, but how many Celestial Kings were there? As far as he knew, there were only a mere seven—of course, even though he had been a Severing Mundane Ancestor, he had still only lived in one corner of the Celestial Realm. He had not travelled the whole Celestial Realm, so his knowledge was limited.

But were the places that a Severing Mundane Ancestor had traveled to not big enough? And even then, only seven Celestial Kings had been born!

This was an existence at the top of the power pyramid of the Celestial Realm.

He had only obtained a portion of the Nine Deaths Heaven Art, but he was sure that when he returned to the Severing Mundane Tier in the future, there would definitely be no one that could equal him of the same cultivation level, except for those that had similarly cultivated the celestial technique of a Celestial King. Only they would be able to match him.

Ling Han… might possibly have obtained a complete celestial technique of a Celestial King!

"Give it to me! That is mine!" A vein popped on Gu Daoyi's forehead, his eyes bloodshot.

"Yours your a$$!" Ling Han moved, grabbing out at Gu Daoyi.

Gu Daoyi naturally was long since prepared. HIs bodies of nine lives all flew out, while the Divine Fetus was glowing with supreme light. Two rays of light shot out from his eyes, filled with a terrifying destructive ability.

This was a Mystical Power that he had newly cultivated, and could only be used after he had reached the Eternal River Tier. Previously, he had not fully grasped it, and now he could finally put it to use.

"You have improved, so how could I have not?" Gu Daoyi called out, his hands forming seals, and shot out another Mystical Power. It was the "Blue Wolf Seal", obtained in his first life in the Celestial Realm. It was also a Mystical Power that could barely be used only after reaching the Eternal River Tier.

Ling Han was unafraid, and aggressively charged onward. Peng, he shot out a punch, and Gu Daoyi's eighth lifetime body exploded. Another punch, and the fifth lifetime body also immediately died. He just simply charged forwards, dealing with each body with a single punch.

Gu Daoyi was astonished. His bodies of nine lives were stronger even than the present him, so how could they be so fragile?

No, no, no, how was it that Ling Han had become so extremely powerful?

How could this be! How was this possible!

It had been only a few years, and with the aid of his various Mystical Powers, he had made his abilities three to four times stronger than before. This was already an impressive achievement, but Ling Han's improvement was not just 10 times; it was possible that he had improved 100 times, or even 1,000 times!

It was clear that this guy's cultivation level had only increased a single star, yet why was it that his battle prowess had soared so much?

Could it be…

"Your skeleton is actually so strong that you can inscribe two high-level formation patterns!" Realization suddenly dawned on him. Otherwise, it was definitely impossible that Ling Han could increase his battle prowess by so many folds under the condition that there had been practically no change to his cultivation level!

'You, you, you, you freak!'

By now, he was really starting to believe that Ling Han was the reincarnation of a Celestial King. Otherwise, how could he possibly be this strong?

Ling Han charged ahead. After throwing out nine punches, all nine bodies of Gu Daoyi had exploded, and he was heading straight for the original.

Gu Daoyi gritted his teeth. It was an impossible thing for him to flee out of this place. That paw of the Saint King was pressing down on them, so they could only slowly and carefully climb out. But in this kind of situation, could he do that?

His only option was to fight to the death, and hold on until another person came.

He clapped a hand on his chest, and channelled three breaths of Celestial Source Power at the same time. Two breaths were not enough at all. Pu, multiple cracks immediately appeared on his skin, blood seeped out, and he had become a completely bloody figure.

Previously, two breaths of Celestial Source Power had almost caused him to break down, what more when there were three breaths now. But if he did not use three breaths, he was unable to match Ling Han at all. This was a move of desperation.

"I, Gu Daoyi, am a supreme Divine Fetus, and definitely will not lose to anyone in a battle of equals!" he roared. It was unknown whether he was merely shouting or trying to give himself encouragement.

Ling Han's expression was indifferent. 'You have merely cultivated an incomplete Nine Deaths Heaven Art, whereas I have cultivated the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll that has been created through combining the strengths of various secret techniques of Celestial Kings. In the past, I had not found a way to use the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll in attack, but things are different now.

'Comparing celestial techniques with me? Are you even worthy of it?'

His palm descended, and the 10 Blood Crow Formations showed their might simultaneously. Now, he was anxious to suppress Gu Daoyi, fearing that the latter would explode his body, and his empress wife would not be able to make use of it—in the beginning, he didn't mind if the Empress cultivated at a slower pace, as he also could not bear to have the Empress charge and break through enemy lines, but now, the matter concerned his future days of 'married bliss'!

"F***, you dare destroy what belongs to me!" he uttered furiously.

At first, Gu Daoyi was stunned, but then realization dawned on him, and he almost fainted in fury. 'You f****** actually thought of me as a meal on a platter?'

But at this time, Ling Han's palm had already fallen. There was a lifelike blood crow spreading its wings in his palm, exuding an incredibly frightening aura.

How was he supposed to block that?

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    《Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao》