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Bloody gangster: Balliano family
Author :WhiteLotusDaoist
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1 Prologue

"Come on! Leon, Don't play me. I can tell from a mile away that you can spare me a few more buildings."

Leon looked over at the at the women as he started to burn with anger. I swear if you look close enough you can see that he had a cold smirk on his face.

"Jessica I thought you were smarter then this. How many deal did we finish. Huh? Asked Leon in a questioning tone. "I think we should come back at another time when you got your head on straight."

Just at Leon lean over to get his bag and get up. Jessica leaned forward and said " you do know that the Balliano family is not the only syndicate we work with right?! So I'll ask again Leon this one time just give me the old mans house and we will finish the deal straight. I'll even add a few hundred grand how does that sound."

When Leon herd what she said his anger went to the roof. Leon at this moment didn't look like his normal calm and suave self. No, on the contrary he looked like a wounded beast ready to strike.

Leon got up from the table and said " NO ONE! No one disrespects the old Don. Just because he died doesn't give you or anyone else the right to touch his stuff. The house will stay as is."

Leon went and turned away and reached for the door. Just as he opened the door. He was met with three burly men. Who all but one pointed a gun to his face. Leon didn't even mind them and just turned around and looked at Jessica.

" Leon I told you didn't I? I want that house you old don touched some stuff. These things are way above our heads. If anyone of THOSE people find out we're done."

Leon looked over to her a bit confused tell she spoke of those vile freaks. Leon had the urge to roll over and laugh to death.

"Jessica do you take me for a fool. Anything those people are looking for can't be found. Or sought after. And you expect me to believe my Don had one of those 13 accursed items."

Jessica did not speak because she knew how had to believe this was. It even took her a few months of research and back tracking the don's whereabouts to even find out. She knew that explains wasn't going to work so all she did was stare deep into his eyes for him to confirm what she was saying as true.

"Look I don't need you to believe me. I can prove it let's go to the ex Don's house we can look for it. To tell you the truth I was thinking of burning the whole house down. So that cursed thing wouldn't get into there hands."

Leon cooled off and sat back down. He felt that what she was saying was vastly more important then any sentiments he had towards his old don. If this items was really one of those 13 cursed relics. Then this meant that there was big this he had to plan for the future. And step one was getting this relic into his own hands and not Jessica's or those freaks. Leon laughed to himself.

"You know I still don't agree with burning the place down but we have to one hundred percent have to make sure that those people don't get there hands on it."

Jessica who saw the whole slew of emotions that went across Leon's face was a little reassured that he would help her. Now she didn't even have to spend her money. Where could you get a better deal then that.

Jessica motioned for her guards to put their guns down. Jessica went up to Leon and looked at him with a apologetic look while motioning for a hug and said " Leon we have know each other for a long time you know I wouldn't pull something this crazy if I was was in control. So please don't do anything stupid. They have people watching us from different places."

Most of Leon's pervious doubts we're cleared. How could someone you have worked with, Ate with and slept with. All of a sudden change. It wasn't logical but he had a example right in front of him. But now that Leon understood who was really in charge it all made sense. The old Don was special. He couldn't be touched but me. I'm his youngest son. Who barley makes waves. Why would they care about getting rid of me. There must be a reason.

I looked at Jessica and said " okay I understand. We need to go stop that items from ever reaching the hands of anyone. Let's go!

With that Leon and Jessica just took there first steps into something neither of them ever expected to ever happen.


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