Bloody gangster: Balliano family
2 Ch 1 Into The Dark
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Bloody gangster: Balliano family
Author :WhiteLotusDaoist
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2 Ch 1 Into The Dark

Leon and Jessica were on there way upstairs from the basement floor conference room. Leon reached forward and clicked the elevator door button. Just before the door opened Leon said to Jessica"I forgot my key to the old Don's house in my car. Let's make a quick stop."

Jessica looked at Leon knowingly and nodded her head. Coincidentally the same time the elevator door opened. Jessica went in first and clicked the ground floor button. As we started to go up we heard a loud rumble. Not pleasant at all.

"Yo what in God's name is going on." Screamed Jessica

As you could see the cold sweat building up on Leon's face. Leon frowned and looked up. He could hear muffled footsteps from the top of the elevator, all of a sudden a alarm goes of and the elevator stops. We could hear someone forcing the hatch on the roof open.

'Okay! Okay no problem. 'thought Leon to himself. Leon right now looked like he was either ready to faint or plead for mercy. He looked nothing like a king of the underworld, like his father. But, who could blame him. On top of the elevator there are sounds of Heavy foot steps and forceful prying.

Finally the hatch door was opened, what stepped through was surprisingly a long haired, mind you a green tinged skin human man. The man walked up to us and said" are you guys ready I'm here to take you to the house."

WhitLotusDoist: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I cursed under my breath nodded my head in agreement. I looked over and saw that Jessica was in the same predicament. This green skinned man didn't ask us questions but bared his aura down on us. So we would feel pressured to tell the truth.

"Now that's out of the way let me introduce myself. I am the second seat of the 13 organizations. Hura Tayko." Said the man as he went ahead and bowed his head a bit.

The more I looked at this man the less human he looks. It's like his green skin is the desert but his true self is a mirage. When I noticed this I rejoiced because it looks like he just changed his race but don't get me wrong we are still fucked. This just means we still have a fighting chance.

My father once told me when someone race changes it takes up to 3 month is for their form to be complete but that also means that they can not just go around attacking people because it wastes the energy they need to become a higher level in there specific race.

When the man saw how we were looking at him he smiled while stretching his neck back and said "Do you see this choker I'm wearing. This is ranked 10th of the 13 cursed relics. We are looking for something that has runes on it just like this."

The man let us step forward and examine his choker. The chokers' runes is the same color as the mans skin. To tell you the truth I was a little creeped out by this because when I looked closer what I saw wasn't runes but a picture of a banshee ready to jump out of the choker.

Jessica noticed that I was scared and about to scream so she stepped up and said " Mr.Tayko if I may ask what race are you. You look like a Human and thee undead."

Hura wasn't upset in the least.he was more interested in what there reactions would be when they found out so he straightened himself out and said" I am now the king and ruler of the rank 10 race: Banshee."

I looked at hura and was not shocked at all. If anything I am shocked at how quick witted Jessica is. She saw that I was going to say something I would regret so she saved me by asking a mildly disrespectful question. 'Fuck! This girl is trouble if anything. I got to watch my self.'

The three of us walked out of the elevator towards a car waiting out front. The driver stepped out and greeted me first. This is my personal driver Mario. He's been with the family for so long no one knows for sure. My father said if I ever need any help with anything I can't handle to contact Mario. Apparently, he's a retired big shot that wants to just relax the rest of his life.

I walked up to Mario while giving him a look and which a smile on my face I introduced Hura and reintroduce Jessica to Mario. Mario smiled and nodded at them both. I continued and said "Mario can you take us to father old house. Me and my new friends here want to check out the place. we want to check out fathers old collection of antiques."

Mario didn't say much he put down fathers old collection saying it was nothing much. we all got in the monster of a rolls Royce. as we drove there no-one talked me and Jessica were on edge and Mario acted as if it wasn't any of his business. once we got the place we were greeted by fathers old servants.

once Hura looked at them he was scared shitless. 'if the old don's servants are this strong, then how strong was he to be there master.' Hura felt as if a chill ran down his back when one of the butlers looked at him in the eye.

Mario put a end to all of this silliness when he told the servants to clear out and get back to work.

He then lead them to the entrance of the house. it would be a little funny to call this a house at this pint this place was more like a grand mansion. just the arch way leading into the "house" was 15 feet tall. the doors to enter the mansion are colossal there would be no way for humans to be able push this door open but with a light push. That act made Hura feel as if he entered the jaws of a beast and the beast was about to shut his teeth closed around him. Hura felt hunted, now he was the pray.


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