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Bloody gangster: Balliano family
Author :WhiteLotusDaoist
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3 Race change?

After Leon saw how sacred Hura got of Mario and the servants he calmed down. He then turned towards Mario and said "today has been a long day can you have someone bring our guest somewhere they can relax."

Mario then took the initiative to point out a few butlers and maids and told them to bring the two to the main guest room and serve them some tea. Before anyone could comment they were taken away.

Leon then turned towards Mario and said " can you take me to where fathers private collection is? Not the stuff that he shows his guests the real stuff."

Mario didn't say anything and took Leon to his fathers old room. Once they were inside Mario walked towards the giant purple bed. It looked a little weird because he couldn't tell if the bed was made of crystal or wood. After pushing the matrise of the bed to the side. Mario reached for a circular handle in the center of the frame. After pulling up the compartment witch turned out to be a small safe. Mario placed it in front of Leon.

Leon reached for the safe but abruptly stoped and looked at Mario and said "you were with my father everywhere he goes you should know what the password is right?"

Mario then quickly put the code in. And made way for Leon.

Leon looked at the contents of the safe. There wasn't much four or five items at most. Some gems, an old book that looked like it was made of feather. 'really odd' thought Leon. Also, a weird sculpture.

The base was made of something that looked like huge piece of ruby but that's not the weird part. What's weird is that 10 pieces of identical objects inserted into the stone. All of the gems in the center of them and had a identical pair. They were shaped like long and thin finger nails. And on the side of this sculpture was pair teeth that bitten into the ruby look rock. As soon as Leon touched the sculpture. He ho a grave warning.


Choosing any race will change you on a physical and spiritual level. You will then get 1 chance to enter a locked world. You also have one chance to get the world under your control or it is game over. Based on the race you choose you get a limited amount of people to enter with you. If you stay your current race you won't get another chance. All sacred relics of the forgotten races will deny you acceptance. Please choose wisely.


Vampire PRO: can suck blood to heal.

Other pros LOCKED

Vampire CON: sunlight will kill you.

Other cons LOCKED



Angel PRO: can use holy magic to heal.

Other pros LOCKED

Angel CON: cannot fly unless in a area with a abundance of holy magic.

Other cons LOCKED


Holy vampire PRO: can use holy magic and blood to heal.

Other pros LOCKED

Holy vampire CON: prolonged sunlight exposure will kill you.

Other cons LOCKED

RACE CHANGE: Bloody angel Y/N

Bloody angel PRO: can use blood and holly magic.

Other pros LOCKED

Bloody angel CON: can not retract wings unless you have drunken blood the following day.

Other Cons LOCKED

The shock leon got couldn't be explained. No mater how crazy it sounds he already knew he could change his race. What shocked him was all the options. It was said that when one gets one of the chance to change there race you one get one chance and one race to choose from but he got 4.

While looking at his choices Leon noticed that vampire was the original race he was going to get but something interfered and he now gets to choose from some unique and telling races.

For one angels in peoples minds were something holy and had to do with god. He could use this to manipulate people's beliefs but what really turned his head was the hybrids. They looked really unique and different.

The race called holy vampire didn't make any sense to him. Vampires are dark creatures. For fuck sakes their number one weakness is light.

Then Leon looked at the one at the bottom of the list. The bloody angel. From the image he could see that. It looked no different from the angel. Instead this race had large blood red wings, silvery white hair and pale skin. He couldn't see into the mouth so he didn't know if they had fangs like vampire do.

" I don't like the weakness of vampires so fuck that one." Next Leon looked at the angel race. " I don't want to rule people based on what they believe. That gets real dangerous real quick."

After saying that Leon looked at his last two options. One was a night walker that could take in holy magic but still can't walk during the day. The other is a angel the can manipulate blood.

This didn't even feel like a choice to leon he went ahead and clicked YES for the...

Right as he was about to click he heard a ominous voice from orotund him. TIMES UP. Race chosen.

Leon's mind went blank he couldn't even tell if he was still alive. He couldn't think right it felt like someone was squeezing his brain with one hand. He could still feel his body though.

Every time he reached to get up if felt like someone dosed him with lava. He felt a intense burning from his whole body. He felt like ending his life right there but all of a sudden he was transported to a clear whit room. In front of him was 10 women sitting around him. On thrones of different colors and sizes. They all looked about his age no younger then 20 no older the 30. Each one was more beautiful then the next.

Floating in front of the women were those strange finger nails that had gems inserted into the center. Just as Leon was about to speak. one of them asked in a intimidating tone Give is a reason why we should follow you? If you can come up with at least 3 reason you life stays here!"


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