Bloody gangster: Balliano family
4 Cauldron Assimilation System
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Bloody gangster: Balliano family
Author :WhiteLotusDaoist
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4 Cauldron Assimilation System

*WARNING this chapter has gradually sexual content and extreme themes. Not reading this chapter will leave a hole in the flow of the story.

To be honest normally Leon's brain would have been fried from all the different situations he was forced into. A person can handle so much before they crack but even Leon didn't notice as his body was changing so was his mind. He was becoming more cool and collected, but Even that couldn't save Leon.

He may have the right mentality but without wisdom to back it, it means nothing. 'Let's find out what they want first. ' Leon thought to himself. So Leon opted to keep his trap shut.

When the ten women saw that leon didn't look like he was going to answer. The one on the lowest throne yelled " failure! He failed. Look he doesn't even want to talk." The other girls started to argue when the one on the second highest throne said "okay! He failed but let's give him a chance. Look if you were in his situation you wouldn't know what to say either." She said with a mater of fact attitude.

So then she announced we will battle! If he loses once, the one who beats him takes his blood and soul!" When Leon heard this he looked around for a place to exit. He ran through a doorway that he hadn't seen before. Once he finished turning a whole bunch of corners. He literally saw light at the end of the tunnel, but what greeted his wasn't a way out.

Leon found himself in a empty white room with a small raised stage. Facing him was a devilishly beautiful women. With platinum hair reaching her ankles. She looked like the definition of beauty.

As Leon looked at her his inner heat kept rising. He felt like he couldn't control himself from ravishingly her right here and now. As Leon tried to control himself. A purple beam shot into his mind. Leon felt as if time had stoped.

What was in front of Leon was that old book oddly enough the book started talking to him. " Boy do you need power?" Is all it said but Leon who's mind That was being corroded by thoughts of carnal pleasure wasn't in the mood. The book noticed how Leon was acting and told him "I can give you what you want but first we must make a deal. You need to... do you accept? With a grin on his face Leon laughed out loud and said "yes!" In a horse voice.

All of a sudden a cloud of purple smoke came out of the book and rushed into Leon's body. SUCCESSFUL BINDING!

Welcome to the Cauldron Assimilation System!

Updating body potential....10..3..2..0..Done!

Race: updating..

Potential: updating..

Elemental alignment:updating..


Body: foundation establishment realm. updating

Yin Qi:updating..

Evaluation: you could change to become someone as strong as god or as weak as a chicken. You fate is with the you from now on.

Leon had heard about systems before but he didn't know what they do. So he asked " how is this suppose to help me with taking her down.!

User just need to circulate the purple Qi the purple Qi and breath into one of her 7 orifices. Circulating isn't that hard with the systems help all you need to do is think about breathing it and Walah your done...

Leon who just about waisted all the luck of his life. Got lucky and escaped his unfortunate situation with the skin of his teeth.

Now that he was back in front of her he leon felt more confident as bold. He stepped towards her and asked "What should I call you. You know it's hard to fight for my life, without even knowing who I'm fighting."

When Leon finished speaking she took a step back and said "my name is Lexi." But, she didn't expect Leon who was as weak as a ant. To jump all the way to foundation establishment realm without heavenly tribulation. Leon rushed up and wrapped his hands around her. Just as Lexi was about to force him off her. Leon reached forward and grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth open with tongue. Lexi who was sealed for god knows how long. Was weak compared to someone who just broke through with Qi coursing through there vines.

Leon released the purple Qi throughout her body. Leon wasn't going to let her fight back. He used the purple Qi to restrain her Qi passages. All of her inner Qi stagnated. Now she was no different then a normal human, Qi wise but she still had a unbelievably strong body.

Leon asked the system if he could change the shape of the Qi to what he wanted. The system answered his question with a action. The system planted a Qi manipulation technique directly into his nervous system. So now manipulating the Qi was like breathing to Leon. It was no problem.

Leon walked up to the girl who was fighting to unlock her Qi passages with all her might. When Leon was 10 meters from where she is. Lexi jumped up and startled him. She wasn't acting like she was before, the proud women that wanted to take his life, soul, and, blood was now fixing on top of him like a hungry wolf.

Leon who just got his Qi manipulation technique focused all his Qi on His little brother while quickly stripping off the clothes he was wearing. Leon didn't know when but when he finished changing in the middle of the ring was a bead and a naked women sprawled on top of it. Leon who was burning with lust before is a distant memory. The Leon now could control his lust, he felt as if he was getting stronger the more harder his little brother got.

Leon rushed up to the naked girl and grabbed her by the hips, Leon looked down and saw that his manhood was to big to fit into the little wet lotus petal. So Leon brought his head down and intensely started to lick up and down. In one continuous motion.

Lexi who was the receiver of all this felt her mind go blank after taking the kiss from Leon. After the kiss it felt like all of her inhibitions flew trough the window. She quickly pulled out a bed and undressed herself. When Lexi saw that Leon was still undressing She made herself comfortable.

Lexi at that moment was looking towards Leon and noticed that his manhood was covered in a purple glow and growing continuously. Lexi reached down and slid her finger down to her lotus petal and started to make muffled moans. Just as she was about to cum, Leon rushed up and starts to lick her lotus seed.


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