Brave Frontier
-1 Chapter 0: Prologue?
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Brave Frontier
Author :BeLoItsMe
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-1 Chapter 0: Prologue?

Riley Kane is a 16 years old girl that was killed by truck-kun and had transmigrated to another world... She is a average looking girl who enjoys playing Role-playing games a lot and had stumbled across a game called Brave Frontier as she had seen a few friends played it and had eventually tried the game out.

However when she found out that she had joined the game a year after it was first released and had just barely missed the 1st anniversary event which would have given her a lot of goodies as long as she logged in to the game.

Although she had missed the event and was depressed , she tried staying optimistic and continued playing the game while fully immersed with it as she loved the story and the RPG aspect of the game! However she had a love-hate relationship with the Gacha system[1] of the game as it gives a lot of really ugly units but can give plenty of cute units too!

Slowly, she had became a mediocre player as she fully understood the game mechanics and how to play it by not basing the units on looks and the actual stats and abilities of the units and had regretted that she had traded away some of the better but ugly units for Merit Points[2]
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1 year into the game, she had became a exceptional player with a little help from her mom's credit card. She had many strong units with strong abilities and although some of them were not pleasant to the eyes, a lot of them were cute!

Things were going well for her in the game as she was crossing a road with her smartphone out while setting up a squad for a raid battle with her friends when suddenly... TRUCK-KUN appeared of nowhere and had knocked into her at full speed!

Her body flown a few meters away from the truck...The truck driver had got out of the vehicle as he had knocked someone down and slowly approach towards Riley to try to check for her breathing. As soon as he checked her breathing, he immediately got back to the truck and quickly drove off as Riley's body had already lost all signs of life.


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