Brave Frontier
1 Chapter 1:Transmigration!
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Brave Frontier
Author :BeLoItsMe
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1 Chapter 1:Transmigration!



When Riley heard the voice she was very relaxed as if a goddess is singing a lullaby for her as she continued to sleep in peace

"WAKE UP ALREADY!" The voice screamed at the top of its lungs

"AHHHHHH!!!" Riley who had been shocked by the sudden change of the voice and woke up as she sat up, she saw a girl infront of her who had long and beautiful blue hair with a tint of yellow and purple at the tips, a very well shaped face which makes super models feel jealous of her and wore a very pretty dress that had complemented well with her body which made her look even more beautiful.

At this point, instead of admiring the girl's beauty, Riley realised that she recognised the person infront of her... Isn't this Tilith? Why is Tilith infront of her? and didn't I get hit by a truck? Riley had many questions in her mind but couldn't find an answer so she decided to ask her.

"Tilith? Are you Tilith?" Riley asked softly

"Hmm? How did you know my name? Did Lord Lucius tell you? Never mind that, quickly get up and lets go!" Tilith replied

"Go where?" Riley asked with a confused expression

"Go where? My my, for someone with the power to enter the Gate, you are pretty clueless aren't you? To the Grand Gaia of course!"

Grand Gaia...? Why does that sound so familiar to me? Isn't that the world of Brave Frontier? Wait does that mean I have been transported into Brave Frontier? wait..WHAT!? SHIT! WAIT.. DIDN'T I GET HIT BY A TRUCK? WHAT I AM DOING HERE NOW? DID I DIE? FUCK! FUCK!! FUCKKK!!

Riley nearly broke down due to the stress that she had been killed and transported into Brave Frontier and had nearly gone mad... Not alot of people can face the stress of being killed without living a full life but thankfully Tilith had realised that Riley's mental state is getting unstable and had subconsciously cast a heal on her.

Riley had calmed down significantly as Tilith had healed her and stabilized her mental state but she was still shocked.

"Woah.. easy there... even though I have a healing ability it doesn't mean I can continuously use it, what had troubled you so much that you nearly gone mad?" Tilith asked with a face of fatigue and worry

"I-It's nothing, I was just admiring your beauty" An excuse that Riley had conveniently mae

"I am so beautiful that you nearly went mad? Are you insulting me? Maybe I should not have healed you Hmph!" Tilith said angrily

"Why are you here though Tilith?" Riley continued

"Huh? Didn't Lord Lucius tell you already? If not, how did you know my name?.. I am your Guide, The most beautiful and elegant Rainbow Goddess Tilith! And I have been assigned to you by Lord Lucius to guide you though Grand Gaia..." Tilith replied with a smug look on her face

Seeing Riley's unimpressed expression, Tilith continued "Alright...Aright.. enough, lets get out of this field first, we can talk later" after she finished her sentence,Tilith suddenly felt a killing intent that was aimed on Riley!

"BECAREFUL!" Tilith jumped out pushed Riley away from the incoming danger.

Riley who was pushed back got shocked as she saw a red slime who had barely missed its attack against her thanks to Tilith but she saw a few more slimes appear beside the one that attacked her and subconsciously said "Burny? Sparky? Mossy?"

The slimes were shaped exactly like Burny, Sparky and Mossy from Brave Frontier and Riley had recognised them by their features and finally realised the plot of the encounters with Tilith and the slimes...Isn't this the beginning of Brave Frontier?!?

While Riley was monologuing in her head, Tilith shouted at her "What are you doing! Summon your unit! These slimes are super disgusting and they chase you forever!"

"Summon? Summon units? but how?" Although Riley realised that this is world is linked Brave Frontier, she doesn't know how to summon as she had just pressed a button and the units were summoned for her when it was still in the game...

"You don't know how? Aren't you a summoner? Just concentrate!" Tilith replied

Riley is now annoyed as Tilith is not actually helping her and is following the scripts of Brave Frontier.... Riley had no choice as she opened her palm as she placed it infront of her and screamed "SUMMON!"

But nothing happened.... Why is nothing happening? WHY IS MY CHUUNI POWERS NOT WORKING!

The slimes got confused for a moment but quickly recovered and tried to lunge forward and attack Riley but it was at this moment that a strange phenomenon has happened where a blinding light appeared infront of Riley and paralyzed the slimes momentarily.

Not only was the slimes shocked, Riley and Tilith were shocked too as they too got blinded but after rubbing their eyes and getting their sight back, they saw a golden door infront of Riley and she knew exactly what was happening and she instinctively walked towards the golden door and tapped it.As soon as Riley tapped it, multiple blinding lights that can give epilepsy to a person shone on Riley, she wasn't blinded this time.


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