Brave Frontier
2 Chapter 2:Summoning!
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Brave Frontier
Author :BeLoItsMe
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2 Chapter 2:Summoning!

As the blinding light started to disperse, she stood at the gate hopping from one foot to the other like a little girl but she was not ashamed one bit because she is now summoning a unit! She had a few questions as to why it is a golden door instead of one of the 4 beginner units... But she didn't complain as the units that are summoned through the golden doors are way better than those 4 units!

A lady walked out of the golden gate and she was very pretty with white hair and has 8 fading aura blades around her. Riley looked at her and immediately recognised the lady "It's Sefia! Eight Blades Sefia!" Riley exclaimed happily. It's a 3 star unit which Riley had evolved into a 6 star in Brave Frontier and is one of the unit in her main team!

The more Riley looked at Sefia, she the more felt that her soul was connected to her and she could command her by thought, Riley's eyes has sparks in them as she commanded Sefia to attack Mossy in her mind.

Sefia didn't say anything but she nodded her head towards Riley and the Eight Blades that was formed around her that looked like it was about to fade any moment had suddenly solidified and she swung her hands towards Mossy and all Eight Blades flew towards Mossy and had killed it, after which the blades's energy were dispersed and formed around Sefia again. After Mossy was slain by Sefia its soul had somehow solidified and flew towards Riley

As soon as Mossy's soul had reached Riley, She tried to back off from it but it had just accelerated and flew inside her. "Kyaaa!! ... It doesn't hurt...?" Riley exclaimed

"W-What?! How did you summon Sefia?" Tilith suddenly spoke out interupting Riley as she was shocked but she quickly recovered and said "No matter, there's still a few slimes left! Quickly attack them before they atta_____..."

Riley was way ahead of her and had told Sefia to finish Burny and Sparky off before Tilith had finished her sentence but somehow the Sefia that Riley had summoned was alot stronger than the one summoned in Brave Frontier but was unnoticed by Riley as there was one thing that was going through Riley's mind now... this is too cool! Sefia is so strong! I don't regret evolving her one bit! She thought while grinning non-stop

Tilith seemed to have noticed Riley's creepy grin but she had no choice but to try to put on a straight face as she praised Riley "Good job, you killed the slimes!..."

Riley stopped her grin as she looked at Tilith while Sefia dispersed her Eight Blades as she stood behind Riley

"Seemed like Lord Lucius had not told you too much about the gates, no matter, since i'm your guide I shall explain it to you" Tilith said while relieved that Riley had kept her creepy grin.

Riley got confused, she had not talked to Lucius... heck she had not even seen her and yet Tilith thinks she had met her?

Before Riley could ask a question Tilith said "This is the land of Grand Gaia. It may look similar to where you're from but it's a completely different world!" she had a look of pride as she continued with a serious face "This place is dangerous... It's full of demons, spirits, and other mysterious beasts. There are even gods like Lord Lucius himself."

Riley is frowned as she had heard this in Brave Frontier before and before Tilith can continue, Riley said "A long time ago, people like me used to live here. Even now, their spirits still roam these lands... We as summoners are one of the few with the power to summon these heroes of the past, to once again harness the great energy that once filled this world." Somehow Riley has gotten a very good memory but she hasn't realise it herself.

When Tilith got cut off by Riley's speech, she got angry and wanted to scold her but after listening to what Riley had to say, Tilith was shocked and she asked "How did you know that when you don't even know how to summon a unit? Did Lord Lucius tell you that?"

Riley frowned as she said with a annoyed expression " Lord Lucius this, Lord Lucius that, I had not even met her let alone talk to her."

"WHAT!?! You didn't meet Lord Lucius? Then how did you go through the gate?" Tilith asked because she was seriously shocked now

Riley calmed down abit as she got tempted to tell her about her transmigration but had remembered that she is on Lucius's side so it's currently not the best time to tell her yet as she just thought of a random excuse and said "I may have not met your Lord Lucius but I have met Maxwell and she had told me"

"M-Maxwell!? Maxwell sent you here? That means you're summoned by one of the evil gods! Are you tasked to destroy the world?" Tilith now with a face of terror as she backed off a few steps away from Riley

"Chill out Tilith.. Maxwell may have summoned me here but that doesn't mean I would be evil."

Riley said with a displeased expression

Tilith gave out a sign of relief and said "So that's the case... Lord Lucius had probably used Maxwell's power to send you here..."

Tilith tried to think of the reason why Lucius would do that but got fed up and shouted "Ahhhh! Thinking too much hurts me!!" then she looked at Riley and said with a serious expression "Riley even if you are summoned by Maxwell, seeing your personality so far, you are not evil, so please don't destroy the world like the evil gods and instead...become a summoner like none other and Save it!"

Riley nodded as she couldn't reject Tilith's sincerity as Tilith continued "The fight just now may have been a little intense for you, so you can go back to your world to rest for now"

"I can go back to my world?!" Riley said with a joyful expression. If she could travel between both worlds at the same time wouldn't it be super awesome?

"Gee why are you so excited to go back? Am I making you that uncomfortable?" Tilith said angrily as she held out her hand and chanted some ancient words as a gate had appeared infront of her.

Riley didn't say anything but gave Tilith a smile and excitedly walked into the Gate with Sefia following behind her and right before Riley and Sefia left, Tilith screamed "Don't keep me waiting for too long!" and the Gate disappeared leaving Tilith behind...

"Wait... Lord Lucius is a girl?"Tilith thought

Somewhere in the galaxy, Someone or something said "Seems like the experiment is a success... it's a shame I had lost more than half of my life force for this..." Even though the voice was soft and weak but it has a very strong force behind it that if someone were to hear it, they would be easily be suppressed by it and go mad.


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