Brave Frontier
3 Chapter 3: Interface!
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Brave Frontier
Author :BeLoItsMe
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3 Chapter 3: Interface!

When Riley step inside the gate she got knocked half-unconscious and felt like she being transported away and her soul feels like it's getting ripped apart but her excitement of getting to travel with Tilith and being able to return to earth at the same time had eased the pain a little.

Right after Sefia step into the gate she immediately turned into a spirit and flew into Riley and had protected her soul to keep it from breaking down during the travel. It was as if Sefia had already knew Riley's soul is going to break down and went inside it to stabilize it.

Meanwhile, a handsome young boy with blue hair that is dressed like a knight is resting on a grass patch that's near a 2 meter tall gate that had suddenly started to shine and he immediately woke up and picked up his spear next to him and excitedly ran towards the gate.

After awhile of being half-conscious... Riley was awaken by force to be fully conscious and the door infront of her had opened with a strong force that had sucked her through it.

"Hey, Riley! Looks like you made it back in one piece. How was your first Gate?" The blue hair boy exclaimed.

It was then that Sefia who had been stabilizing Riley's soul had came out of her and materialized into a unit again but she looked more energized than ever.

"Looks like you've already summoned a Unit! And it's a human one! Impressive!" the blue haired boy exclaimed

Riley was still in a daze as her mind was only half awake as she took awhile to recover as the boy had helped Riley rest on the grass patch.

After awhile of resting and recovering from the travel,Riley took a good look at the boy and recognised him as Karl from Brave Frontier and is relieved as Karl is one of the kindest people of the this world.

Riley then looked around and scanned the place and was disappointed... it wasn't earth... but was similar to it... It was Elgaia the world of Brave Frontier... a village for adventurers!

"Dammit! I got my hopes up!" Riley realised that she had participated in blissful thinking that she could return to earth.

Karl who had been proud of the new recruit had a confused look on his face but recovered laughing "You got your hopes up? Haha, what do you mean?did you bump your head coming through the Gate or something? Hahaha"

After laughing for awhile Karl's face turned serious as he said "Anyway, we have more important things to focus on. First off, let's try strengthening your new Unit."

As Karl said that, something came out of Karl's body and flew inside Riley's body directed by Karl.

Riley did not resist as something similar has already happened earlier

"Riley, try to use the units I had given you to help strengthen your unit" Karl said

Riley received the units from Karl and asked with a confused look "Ermm... How do I do that?"

"You must focus and use your soul to fuse the units that you have into a unit of your choice..." Karl said with patience but he suddenly got confused and asked "How did you not know how to fuse but know how to summon?"

"I had accidentally summoned her when I was being attacked" Riley lied as she doesn't want to let Karl know that she had used her Chuuni powers to summon Sefia...

"Oh... so that's the case... summoning by accident... such talent!" Karl said with a face of excitement

"Okay, let me guide you on how to fuse your units, firstly you have to sit down and meditate to get to a half-conscious state and try to visualize your soul......and then you can start fusing!" Karl explained the Fusion process

Riley listened attentively at the start but frowned as soon as she found out that she had to figure out how to fuse her units using her soul when she only had to press some buttons in order to fuse her units in Brave Frontier....

Riley eventually sucked it up and sat down in a meditating position and started to meditate and as she was still pondering in her mind on how to fusing her units an interface suddenly popped up and had put her in a half-conscious state immediately.

Host: Riley Kane

-View Units



-Summon Units

-Evolve Units[Locked]


-Recycle Units[Locked]

Riley was shocked but then her body did not express it as she was in half-conscious state due to using the interface. She recovered from her shock and celebrated in her mind as she saw something similar to her old world, Brave Frontier's units menu!

While this was happening, Karl lips got into a smile when he saw Riley in her state as he softly said "When I just started as a summoner, it took me 2 full days to even comprehend the soul and she barely took a minute... such talent! Well, the entering of the soul state is just the beginning, fusing is alot harder, even if she has sheer talent, she will take a full day to do it at the very least."As he walked away to do his own business. Why did Karl take so long to comprehend his soul? because he didn't have the interface.

Meanwhile... Riley was filled with excitement as she clicked on 'View Units' in her mind saw that Karl had given her a Metal King and 2 Burst Frogs! Karl is so magnanimous!

There was also Sefia and Mossy in her units as she ignored Mossy and clicked on Sefia and Sefia stats came up

Unit: Eight Blades Sefia (3 Stars)

Type: Original

Lv. 1/60

Hp:4548 [Maxed]

Atk:1510 [Maxed]

Def:1458 [Maxed]

Rec:784 [Maxed]

Sphere Slot: 1

Leader skill: Fragmented Spirit's Power - 25% boost to all parameters of all units

Brave Burst: Halcion Hack Lv 1 - 8 powerful combo light attack, slightly boosts own Atk[20%] and probable paralysis effect[50%]

Seeing Sefia's stats Riley got excited but at the same time confused... What is the Original Type? Isn't the max level of 3 star units just 40? Why are all the stats of Sefia maxed out even though it is only level 1? And isn't her Leader Skill and Brave Burst alot more stronger than in the game?

Riley doesn't want to think too much about it as she already have a huge headache as to why she had transmigrated into Brave Frontier and Sefia being overpowered isn't necessarily a bad thing for her and she excitedly went back to menu and selected 'Fusion'





[Author's thoughts] Too much info to fit in the author's thoughts

Hp: Health

Def: Defence

Atk: Attack

Rec: Recovery

There are 5 types of a unit,

Lord - Balanced stats

Anima - More Hp,Less Rec

Breaker - More Atk,Less Def

Guardian - More Def,Less Rec

Oracle - More Rec,Less Def

For Riley's Sefia is a special case, ehem... Original is a type I created whereas its stats are Anima's Hp, Breaker's Atk, Guardian's Def, Oracle's Rec multiplied by 1.25 For eg. Eight Blades Sefia's anima stats are 3638 but it got multiplied by 1.25 so its 4547.5 which got rounded up to 4548.F.Y.I. this does not include the leader skill.


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