Colors of Wonderland
2 Madhatter - The Stormy Invitation
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Colors of Wonderland
Author :AzuleQueen
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2 Madhatter - The Stormy Invitation

Mad as a hatter

What a lie

They did not know

Madness that lived in his brain

He was born with the curse

He cried in sleepless nights

Yes, mad as a hatter

It was not an inch closer to the truth

Monday, hell froze. That was the only conclusion his hazy mind, drunk of whiskey and wine, could come up with. That was the only conclusion to the devil sitting on his throne… A throne he avoided at all costs. Now, that made him wonder why on Wonderland he was even on the chamber. Why? Ahh, right, he was drunk. And that usually led to reckless ventures that made him wish he was so hazy he couldn't think… And that resorts back to whiskey and wine.

"Welcome to the fucked up kingdom of the Madhatter." The Madhatter gave the grin many woman was charmed with, many men feared for the matching glint in his eyes, and the common people know too well that they could only pray for the one his mania was directed to. But, this was the devil they were talking about, and the devil was the maker of that grin.

"Appreciate it, mate." The winged, forked tail demon gave a ruckus laugh that shook the chambers… Or that perhaps was only his imagination.

"What brings the mighty to my… warm abode." Warm was an understatement. It was around Winter but in the throne room it was always like hell. Probably the reason he commonly see the devil every time his drunk ass would drag him to the room. Loki, otherwise known as the Madhatter, never really cared. There was unspeakable magic that settled in the cursed room. Heaven knows what it was, only his father knows of it as he always liked warm… Or hell in that matter. His father was dead anyway, so yeah… Only Heaven truly know the answer.

"Just giving a pleasant invitation to…" The devil licked his lips, a black smoke settling on his palm until a white envelope materialized with a heart sticker keeping it closed. "Something fun." He threw it to the crazed man that was feets away from him. It was a deadly throw, as if the envelope was made of sharpened shards.

Loki easily caught it before it seemingly impaled him. It was too easy, after all, he was practically an ancestor of the devil with all sorts of mischief he'd made, and planned in his head… but never got to doing it. So, hearing something fun sent pleasant shivers to his back. If fun included a bit of havoc, just a bit, he can't see the reason to not play with the devil a bit. Of course, that would depend what the little Chief of Mischiefs had planned for him.

"And what may that be?" He asked, easily opening it. The devil only gave a smile, it didn't really give much of a hint. But, as soon as he read the contents of the invitation— intruder alert paper as it seemed from the Tweedle Twins. The moment he read all its contents, he truly wished he was not the least bit sober. It seemed the devil's way of fun was only to himself, and it did not include Loki.

"Alice?" He looked up to the Devil, pale. "AS in the Alice?"

"Not really… She's the next one. Your generation rather than your grandfather's." He explained, standing up from the throne. "Of course, you'll get another copy around… Tomorrow afternoon."


"It came, obviously from Futurae. Made quite some acquaintance, eh?" The devil disappeared only to reappear closer to him. "And I can tell you that they're telling you to prepare yourself."

Loki couldn't help but scoff. "As shocking as Alice coming here is, I doubt she'd be a problem."

The moment the comment slipped out of his tongue, the devil had a dangerous glint in his eyes. "Written in the records, ones you appear so frightened of, is the havoc the last Alice created. She will be a problem, and the agreement Wonderland, and Levia Aevum are trying to settle may as well burn if Alice came back."

"YOU sent her, here. I know you. She's your responsibility!" He roared.

"SHE thinks I'm an imagination! I've been holding her back for quite some time now you daft idiot! Wonderland, LA, and Neverland WILL go to extinct if she did NOT come back!" The devil had the same tempter as Loki, easily sent aflame, but with good reason.

Loki had no words to say. Seeing he had gone silent, the devil disappeared, leaving the King to gather his thoughts. But, the devil should have known better that Loki was thinking of what strong wine could knock him cold rather than trying to make a conclusion of the impending storm that will take his world down… It was either the storm, or extinction as the devil said so… But, Loki was thinking that extinction may be a better choice after knowing what a storm meant.


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