105 Pestering
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Author :TheOGDuanChen
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105 Pestering

"Demios?" Hyde added.

"I'm fine," Dusting his himself as he got up "I'm fine really, I just need to go outside quickly,"

"For what? it's the middle of the night," Miko tapped his spear on the wooden planks.

The ground shook slightly, but neither of them noticed. Miko and Hyde were solely focused on Demios's reply, their eyes shining a bright red

"To eat, I mean train, "Stretching his body slightly "My body felt swore so I thought I might as well loosen up outside and improve my durability, "Demios explained, not paying attention to his brothers change.

"Let me join you then!" Hyde's eyes glimmered.


"Ugh! No Hyde you stay back here and sleep, "Demios closed his eyes as he used his surroundings to manoeuvre to the door.

"Demios your arm is glowing! What's going on with you?" Miko reached out for Demios.

"No! "Demios jumped back against the wall.





"Who are you?"

"Why did you leave us?" Rias cried out, her face covered in tears.

Her left arm bloodied as she tried to reconnect them back together.

"I thought we were of the same mind Demios, "Weiss added a small scar on his right cheek, picking up Rias from the muddy ground.

"We were a family, right? For six years Demios! If your brothers knew what you did…"Sirces said, his eyes beaming red as he tightened his grip on his sword.

"I didn't do anything I'm innocent, please I'm telling you. I wasn't the one who did this to you guys. I would never leave or hurt the people who helped me and brothers heal when we lost everything "Demios begged as he fell to his knees.

"But you did!" They all shouted.

Landing on his bum Demios pleaded "Nezar you believe me right? I could never do such a thing." Getting up close to bald Nezar "Smell me! I'm not lying Nezar tell them!"

*Hiss* A green tongue came out of Nezar's mouth, horrifying Demios.





Holding his hands tightly Demios sat down and swayed up and down as he chanted "Endure and improve. Stay positive and endure; we can do it. Come on don't show it any weakness!"

"Brat your still muttering to yourself!" Black laughed.

"Grey are you sure this is your son?"Frey asked holding his chin.

They all watched Demios, looking to find any resemblance of him to Grey.

Sensing the aura around Demios, Grey smiled"Of course hes my son. That suave look, the charm is me from my younger days," Grey laughed a smug look on his face.

"Dad," Demios opened his eyes as tears formed around the corner of his eyes.

"Come here son, we need to train for your future," Grey said opening his arms to Demios.

"Stop! Its a trap," Demios shouted pulling himself back.

"What's wrong Demios?"Frey asked.

"Leave me alone! Just leave me alone!"Demios refuted his body swaying more and more.

"Demios my son," Grey's head twisted off.

Rolling slowly into Demios's arms. Looking at the soulless eyes of his father, Demios's skin crawled back "Ahhhhhhhh!"



"Wake up! We are going to be late for work!" Hyde screamed.

Holding on tight to his pendant, Demios slowly got up.

"Why are you smiling like that?"Miko asked confused.

"Life is funny guys. I'll be ready in thirty mins let me take a shower and brush my teeth." Demios laughed revealing his scars and bloodline tattoos as he went to the bathroom.

"Why is he scared?"Hyde asked.

"Don't ask me, "Miko threw his arms up in the air while thinking "He must still be getting nightmares from what happened in the army. It's amazing that he stays so strong despite being tormented by the nightmares,"

"How come I am the only one left out of the loop?" Hyde mumbled.


"Hey! Whoever that is! Don't slam the door like that we don't have that much money to be doing repairs."Demios yelled.

"I'm back," Bruma announced his green eyes lost.

"Oh, Bruma what do you want to eat? Or are you going to sleep first?" Miko asked mixing the batter.

"Demios is in the bath! And how come you weren't here for morning training?" Hyde added.

"Is that so?"


"Oi, whoever that person is, trust me your the one who will be working to pay for the repairs!"Demios shouted.



I can't tell them; there's absolutely no way I can tell them what happened last night!

Running to the town Bruma's mind recalled the events that happened after receiving Xavier's gift.



"Bloodhound! Bloodhound! Bloodhound!" the crowd shouted.

"Shit that's me,"

Running into the metal cage Bruma could feel the air intensify as his opponent and the crowd watched him enter the cage.

*Bang* Bang* Bang*

Smacking the cage to silence the crowd. Everyone waited in anticipation as they watched.

"Why did everyone stay silent?" A youth muttered.

"Its how the bloodhound likes to fight, "A young man replied with twinkles in his eyes.

"Oi! Oi! Oi! Xavier! Are you sure this is the bloodhound? This little shrimp with the afro cant be the bloodhound right." Touching his scruffy hair" I mean the shrimp can barely reach me let alone hurt me."

Visible veins could be seen on Brumas forehead as he wor his knuckle dusters.

"Hahaha! What are you going to do with that little shrimp? Wait a moment, is your mommy going to come to fight me from behind? I see how it is shrimp! The bloodhound title you were given is an illusion" With a shocked expression" I can't believe you, Xavier, I thought you understood my origin! The kids at my tribe would make mince beef of this little afro shrimp," A large barbaric man mocked Miko as his club dented the ground.

"You ready?" Bruma replied indifferently.

"Am I ready?! You're really asking me that the opponent who will give you your first defeat, the person who will be announced the bloodhound killer after this and your eyes..." Swinging his club at Bruma.


"There's so much blood!"

"46-0," Bruma said calmly as he turned to see the large barbecue man growing red plants around his body.

"H-hwh..." The man's mouth grew vines and leaves.


Snapping his fingers together, the red plants withered to the ground.


"Bloodhound! Bloodhound! Bloodhound!" the crowd chanted with some people staring at the scene in shock as the giant of a man lay unconscious while the teenager stood tall.

Leaving the cage, the blonde haired man dressed in a grey cloak, white longsword at his waist, a multitude of rings on his right hand and has a distinct scar on his right cheek.

"A soulless sect member" a bystander questioned.

Hearing this the recruiter took off his grey cloak, revealing a white and black combat suit, blinding some people in the crowd because of the sheer amount of quality resources used to make a combat suit of this standard.

A husky voice came out " I can guarantee you resources, cultivation manuals, and a personal tutor when you come to our academy,"


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