2 Envy
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Author :SamuelTeriba
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2 Envy

"It would seem that this is the end. Any last words, goddess? Before I end your life?"


"Why?....well that's easy. It's because you're a goddess, and I'm not."

"But that doesn't...make any sen-"


"You would destroy my, my world...for such a stupid're beyond help."


"Did I get-"


"....I'll be back, Terra...please be here when I return with help..."



"Kirai, check out this manga, it's sure to lift your spirits!" shouted Opal, running towards Kirai with her crystal leg and maid outfit.

"Are you joking right now!?! Blood lad is over! Now what will I do to rid myself of this boredom!" said Kirai in a harsh tone, making Opal stop in her tracks. "Umm... I'm sure you'll like this one. It's called Dr. Stone!. It's really good!" said Opal.

"You sure?" asked Kirai. Opal responded by nodding her head furiously. " Fine."

At that moment Malakite barges into the room with Zeno close behind, holding an few sheets. " We've found her" said Malakite in a serious tone. " The 4th sin has been located in the Quasar galaxy, on the planet Terra. The bad news is that she's in her 'True State'. And even worse is they are coming for her."

"We separate for a few eons and she's already lost. How disappointing. Well, it is Lilian after all." said Kirai "So which one of them is coming to intercept her?

"The anime hero." said Zeno. "Wow... Lilian messed up. Now we have to go rescue her. Which means I'll have to move... damnit." said Kirai, standing up and preparing to leave. "I'm gonna beat the the living crap outta her. To think I've been forced to leave my console... if she wasn't a sin she'd be dead by now." Kirai thought to himself. "God level teleportation."

As soon as their master left the three let out a sigh of relief. " QUICK! CLEAN UP THIS CESSPOOL BEFORE HE RETURNS! IT'S AN EYESORE!" shouted Malakite, Zeno and Opal nodding quickly behind her.


"She came barging into the heavens and beat up the lower goddess Priscilla, and remains on that world awaiting Priscilla's return. That is the report...though with your omniscience you are already aware, we had to relay it to the Judges." said a young twenty something year old man dressed like a pope. "Are you sure that is all? And are you sure your information is still accurate? It would be problematic if otherwise, as I'm sure you know?" said a man who looked even younger than the messenger, who ware a scholar's robe with golden patterns, adjusting his glasses as he spoke. "It is indeed accurate. It is constantly being recorded by our angels." said the messenger. "What's wrong with the information? There is no need for more.... we have our target, her location, and a reason for retaliation. I'd say that's about enough" said a middle aged man, whose eyes were closed shut. "....Just wanted to be thorough. Thank you for helping me check my excesses, Alexander." said the guy with glasses. "My Goddess, I believe this is a fine chance to eliminate one of the Seven sins that plague the mortal races. I suggest we send Rokuro to make sure the job is done effectively." said the man with glasses, pointing at a boy that was barely 16 years of age, but any in his vicinity would feel his presence. He did not exhume the spirit of leadership, but one could rely on him in dire times. He had white iron light armor and a greatsword strapped to his back. He looked like your typical hero, with yellow spiky hair and a small scar across his nose. " He should bring forth brilliant results." said the man in glasses, waiting for a reply from the divine being in the room. Her eyes had white corneas like normal people, but her irises and pupils were golden. Her hair was golden as well with her face free of tension or age. A true beauty...but this beauty was not responding. She looked like someone who had died. The fact that she had no heart did not help things. " Still silent?" said an old man dressed in a white tuxedo. " She's been this way for 5 millennia, it's a bit too early to expect a response." said a man covered in golden bandages from head to toe. "Well I guess that means it's Suita's decision." said a young woman in a plain long white dress.

"In that case... Rokuro, if you don't mind" said Suita, the man in glasses. "I shall complete this task" said Rokuro, as he telepored away from the room. "He realises he can't directly teleport to the location of a Sin right? He'll be placed a few galaxies away." said the man with bandages. "Do not worry Kuro, that's just a 30 minute walking distance, If he ran he'd take 5 minutes though" said Suita. "We both know that's the case, that insane judge is probably running full speed right now." said Kuro. "He is the Judge of Dilligence after all."




On a half destroyed planet two beings looked at themselves. One was surrounded by an aura so massive it reached the heavens, and so ominous it turned the surrounding area purple. The other was a 19 year old wearing a jacket and jeans

"You've grown a bit since I last saw you, Lilly" said the teenager. "Though you've also gone a tad bit crazy."

"GRAHHHHH!!!!!" shouted 'Lily', the ominous being in front of the boy. " YOU....HOW COME YOU GET A JACKET AND I DON'T!!!!!!!!"

"Say wha-" said the teenager as he was punched by the ominous being, finding himself going through the planet's moon. " Well.... I tried anime style, but.... I guess I'll have to beat some sense into her" said the teenager, unleashing a pure black aura which consumed the moon he passed through. " I'll release just a small portion for now....maybe this will scare her...or make her more jealous." said the teenager as he watched the figure fly towards him, with a look of anger prominent on her face " KKKKKIIIIIIRRRRAAAAAIIIII!!!!!!" shouted the ominous figure. " So she does remember my name, bring it, Envy." said Kirai charging forward at full speed to face the Sin. Envy began delivering world ending blows to Kirai, which was complimented by a single blow from the teenager. she stopped herself from going to far and began firing black orbs in large quantities. " BLACK HOLE BLACK HOLE BLACK HOLE BLACK HOLE BLACK HOLE!!!!!!!!" she shouted repeatedly. " True black hole said Kirai as he created a massive black hole which absorbed the orbs and the surrounding debris.

"DO YOU THINK A MOVE THAT WEAK CAN AFFECT ME!!!!" shouted Envy, unfazed by the black hole. " I am a Sin! One of the Seven Embodiments of the mortal races depravity!! You are nothing but a child! How dare you think yourself stronger than me!!!"

".... I'll make this quick." said Kirai, releasing thousands of purple beams from his body. "This move is unnamed so you'll just have to manage it." said Kirai as the beams blasted Envy back to Terra. "You arrogant little pest. HOW DARE YOU POSSESS SUCH STRENGTH WHEN I DON'T!!!! I WILL END YOU!!!" shouted Envy who had gotten up from the rubble, and firing red beams from her finger tips. " HAHAHA!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT ATTACK! IT'S CALLED BLOOD TRAJECTORY!!! IT SURPASSES YOUR UNNAMED ATTACK!!!!"

"I said we were making this quick." replied Kirai as he flew forward, the beams deflecting off his body. "Wait, wha-" stuttered Envy as she suddenly she received multiple blows. "These are my world ender they hurt?" asked Kirai to an unconscious Envy. "GRAHHHHH!!!!!!" replied envy with her aura getting larger. "HOW DARE YOU EXIST AND MAKE ME LOOK SO WEAK!!!!!!" she screamed as she prepared another beam attack, but it was black this time.

"Screw this." said Kirai as he punched Envy half-heartedly, destroying several planet the process. "That's for wasting my time you prick" he said as he dragged the unconscious Envy (This time really unconscious) and teleported.

"When she wakes up she should be fine. So how's the search going.... Any others?" asked a tired Kirai. " We found Kui. He's in a library in the Vanda galaxy. He's not doing much though, just reading a book or two a day." replied Zeno.

"Of course he is, he's Kui. He's always reading." said Kirai. "But sir, you still have not told us why you're assembling the sins." said Zeno. "When the time comes you'll understand." Kirai said, looking out a window. "I hope you know what you're doing, Big sis


"What happened here?" asked Rokuro. "Suita, explain this to me right now!!! Where is she! I can't sense her aura anywhere!".

"The devil came to take her away." replied Suita. " He pulverized her, and in the process of doing so, destroyed the surrounding planets. Our angels were able to evacuate, but the mortals were eliminated."

"So I was too late, huh?" said an angered Rokuro, who proceeded to cut the sun in half while screaming.


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