3 Envy II
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Author :SamuelTeriba
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3 Envy II

"Where am I? head..." muttered a woman who looked to be in her late twenties, sitting on a bed in a room that wouldn't be out of place in a mansion. She had long brown hair, and her eyes were emerald in colour. Her body was slightly muscular, and she had a large X scar on her upper right arm. "Wait...this feeling. This's him!" said the woman with a look of delight on her face. " Wait...if I'm here with a headache...and I sense his aura...oh no" she said to herself, her face frozen in horror.

"Do not worry Madame Lilian. He has calmed down. Your destruction has been annulled." said an old man wearing a tuxedo. "Zeno! It's been years old man, though you are still younger than myself, though I am quite jealous of your grey hair. It would get me a lot more respect than this disgrace of a body." said Lilian as she pointed at herself.

"Your body is quite beautiful Madame, so please do not use it to attempt to awaken envy within me, it would get in the way of my work" chuckled Zeno.

"Whatcha expect? I'm freaking hungry" said Lilian. "Ah...back to normal, I see." said Zeno, bringing her some tea. "Yeah yeah, you win. Now shut up old geezer and tell me how much damage I caused when I went true." retorted Lilian. "Not much actually. Though you are third in terms of damage done overall, you just destroyed a few was actually disappointing." said the old man. "Then who the hell is first?" asked Lilian, her face ripe with jealousy. "Is that even a question?" Zeno asked back. "...I guess not. Damn Ikaru. Always leading the group like we're some dumbass sheep." said Lilian drinking the tea. "So what's Boss doing?"

"That is irrelevant right now. First, tell me how you became 'true'. It should be an interesting tale" said Zeno, making a chair out of shadows to sit on. "It's not that great a story though" said Lilian.


"Hey lady! Give me a beer!" shouted a man who had obviously had a bit too much to drink. "I heard you the first time dumbass!" shouted Lilian in a waitress outfit. "Who are you calling a dumbass you b***h!" retorted the man. "Whatcha call me?" said Lilian, giving the man a death glare. "I ain't scared of ya. I don't care if you're the demon waitress or whatever, I beat ya to a pulp right now!" shouted the man, being cheered on by the men in the background. Then, quick as a flash, The man had flown through the wall and crashed into the opposite building. "You, you cheered!" said Lilian, grabbing a man and raising him off his feet. "Lilian. That will do." said a man the size of a bear and as hairy as one too. "Tsk. Yes sir." said Lilian as she dropped the man who was now crying and begging for his life. " You've gotta stop letting that guy in, Travick. He's bad for business."

"Yeah...but he's one of Devuja's priests. you know those guys are anyone but you. Seriously why are you that strong? Your former adventurer story doesn't explain that immense force." said Travick. "I don't have time to explain all of it. By the way isn't Devuja a god? Why does he allow any of this? asked Lilian. "Don't you know Devuja's commandments by now? The one that says after a hard day's work, drink until you can't drink?" asked Travick in return. "I'm not the most religious person...but what? That doesn't sound like a commandment at all!" exclaimed Lillian. "That's Devuja for ya, I mean people literally offer him beer for his grace." replied Travick. "That ain't right...well either way, I have to go home right now. Good luck old timer!" Lilian said as she walked out of the tavern gangster style. "...Im only 37" muttered Travick to himself.

"So this world's god allows drinking? Well it's probably because I'm here, otherwise he'd have been removed by now, said Lilian, drinking a bottle of wine directly. "But I guess drinking isn't really a sin, unless you drink a lot, but that's Kui's job, not mine"


"What happened here?" asked Lillian as she saw that the tavern had been burnt to ashes. "Devuja's priests came asking for ya. When Pops said you'd gone home, they went ballistic." said a man covered in dirt. "You shoulda seen it. They used fire magic and torched the place. Then they kidnapped Pops and went to the temple to 'make an example' or some trash like that. We'll miss the lad." said an elderly beggar on the street. "Thanks for the info..." said Lillian as she left the ashes of her work place. "...Is it just me, or did she just get a purple aura?" asked a man sweeping up ashes. "I'd be more surprised if she wasn't right now. She is a former X-class adventurer."


" guys burnt him too?" asked Lillian as she saw her former boss, roasted on a pole. "Why didn't ya burn him to ashes?" she asked a priest bleeding on the ground. "Devuja doesn't allow that. He prefers suffering to death, as there is no return from the latter." answered the bloodied man. "In that case...Dark Regenera." muttered Lillian as she instanly healed Travick. "Thank you." muttered Travick before fainting. "Not yet old geezer...I've got to visit someone real quick." replied Lilian, carrying Travick on her shoulder.

"Sir...she beat all the priests." said an angel. "Oh she did? She's quite strong...maybe I'll use my pinky finger for this one ha ha ha!" laughed Devuja, confident in his own strength.

"SIR! WE HAVE AN INTRUDER!!!!" shouted an angel in armor. "An intruder huh? It's probably a newborn three eyed demon that thinks it has a chance." replied Devuja. "NO SIR IT'S-" shouted the angel before being blasted away by an explosion. "Devuja! We gotta talk." said a woman in a waitress uniform. "Oh...the X class adventurer Lillian Zilévo...weird surname you know. I can swear it means envy." said Devuja still seated, wondering how she had entered a divine realm. "I was getting suspicious, after all, you have no history to your name...people just believed your story when you one hit koed that S class adventurer Hugo. which was still insane considering the fact that I have him my blessing. So who are you, and why are you here?" asked Devuja. "Do you know about the Seven Sins? The generals of the True God of darkness who are even stronger than the king of Hell, who owns hoardes of demons?" Lillian asked.

"....You're not human, are you? No mortal has access to that knowledge. The worst you're supposed to know about is the 5 eyed demon in our world...Wait... Zilévo...Envy!!!!" shouted Devuja, falling off his throne in shock. "You know it ain't come you get to be a god and I don't. You get to drink all day, have no need for money because you own it all, and even have thousands of ain't right...IT AIN'T FAIR! HOW CAN SCUM LIKE YOU BECOME A GOD, AND ME WHO STILL HAS A SHRED OF KINDNESS, BE THE DEVIL!!! GRRRAAAHHHH!!!!!"

"What the-" said Devuja as he was immersed in a green explosion, which went ahead to collapse his divine realm.

The green explosion settled to reveal a being shrouded by a purple aura, in a way that one would be unable to determine it's gender



"So that's what go true over such a trivial matter? I'm sure there's more to be told, because we both know it takes millions of years to become that envious." said Zeno, removing the teacup from the bedside drawer. "You know you're one annoying old man. That was the breaking point, at least know that...I was also jealous of the fact that the priests got to drink in tons. That was a strange religion." said Lillian as she put her hand in a portal she opened and brought out a bottle of wine. "You'll never get booze this legit Zeno!" she said as she downed it in one gulp. "Why would I? You can't even get drunk." said Zeno as he left the room with a smile on his face. "Damnit old man!" Lillian shouted as she threw the bottle at the door.


"So...what about the others?" said Kirai. "Frederick is back on his world, Monde, making his people slaves. Mono is doing the same thing in the Dreama galaxy in System 1256up on planet Orbis but she took over just a country. Luxure is in the Hell realm as a harlot, Kui is still on Lumea Conoaşterii. Don'yoku is in.... galaxy Theta, system 4567yt planet....planets? He's on multiple planets!?! And Ikaru...he's on the move. He has obliterated and destroyed galaxies Frodo, Ginga, Sterrestelsel and Réaltra. He's currently making quick work of Thiên. And he's gone true." said Malakite as she ended her report. "5 galaxies...when did he go 'true'?" asked Kirai. "About a thousand years ago...admittedly he spent 987 of those turning one planet to dust..." answered Opal.

"Well, we've gotta start least Black Clover isn't out yet..."


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