4 Gluttony
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Author :SamuelTeriba
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4 Gluttony

"Another day, another book" said a small child as he withdrew a book from the shelf in front of him. "Ah... another kind of magic. This universe never ceases to amaze me... Real that's the base form" the boy said, looking at an iron spike that had flown out from a magic circle on his palm.

"Now if I add my magic... I probaboy shouldn't test it here. Obsura Intinerantur." said the boy as he opened a portal. As he walked through a portal that appeared. He had arrived in a place filled with large chunks of space debris floating around in large chunks. It was an asteroid belt.

" Well then. Real Striker." said the boy, this time releasing millions of iron spikes unto a single asteroid. "So it's still weak...though I guess it could eliminate small fry. Oh!" exclaimed the boy as he clenched his stomach. "I haven't eaten in a while... I guess I should eat those souls I was saving for lunch after all." muttered the boy as he opened up the bottled souls he had kept in his backpack and drank them. "That didn't do squat.... Niger Ore Foraminis."

At the mention of this spell the asteroids in the area swarmed to the child, and began entering his mouth.

"That should be enough...anymore and I might go true. Ha ha as if that'll ever happen, said the young boy, wiping his mouth of rocks. "Obsura Intinerantur."


"Sir, we found him again." said an angel. "Why that sin keeps moving I'll never understand. But this is where it ends." said a man who looked like a young shaolin monk, complete with the shaved head.

"Sir Setsudo...shall I send a team to intercept him?" asked the angel

" Nah. I'll do it myself. said the monk. "Don't send anyone after me. That would be excessive." said the monk as he teleported and left the room. "Tsk. That guy is nuts." said a man covered in golden bandages. "But I guess we should respect his wishes. I don't want to get on his bad side after all."


"100 spells for possession, huh...why not" said a young boy. "And whatever will you do with a book like that?"

"Not much. I'll probably just learn all the spells inside and move on... afterall, my dream in life is to learn all magic in the universe... in any case... why are you here?"

"Well I'm not here for much either. I just thought you might be up to no good. You are a Sin afterall." said the man the child was speaking to. "Setsudo...of all the people they could've sent...well I guess you're better than Rokuro...then I'd really be screwed." replied the child. " Yeah he does get a bit crazy I admit. But another thing I'd like to discuss is why you're a child right now. We both know that isn't your true form." said Setsudo, reaching for the self and grabbing a book. "It is a pity though. If we found you before that devil did, you'd have been a top class angel, maybe even a Judge...okay, maybe not a Judge but you would have been someone of high regard in heaven you know."

"It's because I met Kirai that I'm like this. The reason I want to learn every spell is because I know there's a spell that can beat him out there." said the boy. "And what will you do when you find it?" asked the man. "Eat all the people who know about it, the books that contain the incantation, the souls of those who learnt the spell and then I'll eat my memory of the spell." said the child. "And I'll probably eat their planet too."

"We both know that's genocide you're planning." said Setsudo. "We're gonna fight anyway. Might as well get you pumped up." said the boy giggling. "Well Kui. I will make sure that your end is swift and painless" said the man. "We should probably take this elsewhere."

"Agreed" replied Kui, closing his book.


Two figures could be seen in the distance. One was short with a dark purple aura, the other was tall with a prominent golden energy blazing around it. They were jumping from asteroid to asteroid, each one they jumped on breaking to pieces. They could occasionally be seen crashing into one another, breaking up the surrounding asteroids.

"Come on Kui! I know you can offer more than this!" exclaimed Setsudo. "True...but not yet. I want to experiment a little longer...Real Striker!" replied Kui as he shot out millions of spikes from his palm. "Divine Protection!" exclaimed Setsudo as a shield of white light surrounded him and warded of the spikes. "It worked." said Kui as he appeared behind Setsudo and began drawing him closer to his mouth. "Ha ha! As if that'll ever work! Altheia's Protection!" shouted Setsudo as a shield the size of a mansion, coloured golden and white appeared around him, blasting Kui away. "....that's cheap. pulling out mega spells at the start of a fight." said Kui as his arm turned dark red. "Kirai's Scythe!" exclaimed Kui as his arm turned into a giant dark red blade, which he then used to attack his opponents shield. "You know as well as I do, Kui...Altheia's spells are the only defence against that demon's magic...though the demon's magic is the only one that can damage Altheia's spells." said Setsudo seeing both the shield and the blade break. "That is why we are still fighting after all."

"Orb Feast!" shouted Kui as hundreds of black orbs came out of his back and went towards Setsudo., As SetsudI dodged them, they went ahead to leave clean holes through the asteroids. "Now stop playing around and fight me seriously." said Setsudo. "Fine." said Kui as he transformed from a boy to a deep purple baby, surounded by a lavender orb. Four large purple demon arms were formed from his aura giving him an ominous look. "Finally... I can face you without feeling guilty." said Setsudo as he summoneed a spear, and thrusted it forward at light speed multiple times. The spear was blocked by the lavender shield, although it did considerable damage. "Not bad. It would seem that I should update the density of my aura shield." muttered Kui to himself through no apparent mouth, as the only visible feature on his face was his yellow eyes. "The shield is plenty decent. To think you even put that demon's magic into it....truly impressive." said Setsudo. "I'm more surprised you could damage this is what an Altheia weapon is's terrifying." said Kui. "This fight is going to go on for a few centuries but I don't mind. I just hope she'll be back to normal when I return." said Setsudo. "To think she's that angry... the demon has a lot of apologising to do you know?"

The fight continued with Kui attempting to squish Setsudo, and Setsudo retaliating by cutting off his hand. The aura hand grew back and Kui began using all of his arms in a rage, annoyed that he couldn't end this match quickly. "Black hole!" Kui shouted as his arms combined together and formed a spiral dark red vortex, absorbing everything in the area. "Really? A regular black hole? Setsudo said, clearly disappointed. "I'm holding an Altheia weapon. I am unkillable like this."

"I wasn't trying to absorb you. Asteroid gatling gun" replied Kui as he fired a hail of asteroids at speeds reaching 5000m/s.

"That'll never work demon!" exclaimed Setsudo as he began to cut the approaching asteroids to pieces. "See? Where did he-"

"Right here." said Kui as he appeared behind Setsudo, and used explosion magic. "That should grant me some seconds."

" won't." said Setsudo walking out of the smoke unscathed. "Surrender before I call for reinforcements, demon, surrender for your lack of Moderation."

"Wow... It seems you're busy right now.... I think that I should come back and let you guys finish this whole issue." said a teeanger with a pale face and black eyes. "Wait! Stay and help me!!!!" shouted Kui. "Aight." said the teenager as he appeared in front of Setsudo and clicked his forehead. In an instant, Setsudo had been shot across half the solar system and crashed into a planet, unconscious. "That hurt my finger for some odd reason...Big Sis." Kirai said as he saw that his finger was slightly bruised, but regenerated in seconds. "Come on Kui... Let's go." At this point Kui was thinking, that there was no spell other than Altheia magic. "S-sure." muttered Kui as he entered a portal Kirai opened. " Couldn't you just use God level teleportation?" asked Kui. "....It's less dramatic." said Kirai as he went through the portal.



".....He's an otaku now?" asked Kui in suprise as he saw his former overlord, a being whose power was infinite, seated and reading manga. "Indeed he is, Master Gluttony. He has been one for 50 years is a strange stage in his life." said Zeno. "Who are you?" asked Kui. "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Zeno, one of the elder dragons. I was hired after you left to explore the universe." explained Zeno. "So why am I here... Sir." Kui asked Kirai."You'll know in due time."


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