5 Greed
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Author :SamuelTeriba
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5 Greed


That was the sound that could be heard on throughout the, cluster of planets that once made up System 4567yt. On the planet that was located at the top of the cluster, was what seemed to be a golden moon. Upon closer inspection it was revealed to be a cluster of golden antiquities, priceless jewels and ancient weapons, with a core of diamonds. Looking further on one could see a destroyed castle next to it, it looked as if it was dragged there. This was where the sound was coming from. This was the home of Greed.


"So what's up, Luxure! Been a while since I saw this slut." said Lilian while drinking a beer. "...Imma gonna ignore that." said a succubus sitting with her legs crossed. "What's up you dumb brunette, still being a nuisance I see. I think that's a sufficient insult."

"You've lost your touch, you realize that right? Maybe all that d**k you've been-" said Lillian as she was cut off by Zeno blocking her mouth. "There is a child in the room." he said, pointing at Kui. " better watch it, lizard." said Kui in a rage at being called a child. "...Im too old for this." said Zeno stepping out of the room as Kirai entered. "Yo! Luxure's here. At least you won't get lonely, Mono." said Kirai. At his back was a girl who looked to be at least fifteen, who had received no blessings from puberty. Her skin was dark purple and her eyes were ruby red, her hair a light purple but with one off feature. It was slime. She was a slime wearing a mini kimono. "Geiá sou! Mono edó! I monadikí was SLOTH!" exclaimed the girl. "Speak English you damn slime. Do we look like blobs you dumbass!?!" said Lilian angrily. "It was a joke geez... fine I'll say it in English. Hello! Mono here! Your one and only SLOTH! Now where's the couch?" said the slime as she walked away from Kirai. "Kiraiii! It's been forever!!!!! Are you still the man that made me a woman?" said Luxure as she made suggestive poses towards Kirai. "...We have 4 sins here...and 3 to go. Might as well go for a boss. Who do you guys want me to bring next?" Kirai asked the Sins. "Don, bring the Don!!!!" exclaimed Lilian. "He and I have a score to settle."

"I'm okay with Frederick." said Luxure. "He was the biggest of the three." she finished with her tongue sticking out.

"Ikaru." Kui and Mono said in unison. "Don's a demon and Frederick is extremely annoying." said Mono. "Although, Ikaru has one hell of a short fuse..."

"I'm saving Ikaru for last. And Frederick is annoying... I guess Greed is next. Lily, Mono, you're in charge of that." said Kirai, leaving the room. "What!!!" shouted the two women.


"System 4567yt...with a total of 20 planet's and a huge Sun. It's doing relatively well...if you don't count the lack of planets." said Mono in a tone that signalled boredom. "He probably blew 'em all up. Maybe they didn't give him a penny or somethin' like that." said Lillian. "I sense life some distance away. Maybe he's there." said Mono, looking East. "Then let's get goin'." said Lillian.

A few minutes later they arrived at the source of the life they had detected. It was a bunch of planets, stuck to one another, and a golden moon at the top. "Wow...He actually took the planets." said Lillian. "Who would have guessed he'd do somethin' that crazy."

"It's Don'yoku. Of course he did this." said Mono. "He'll probably be near that golden moon. Still can't believe I said that."

The pair flew to the apex of the cluster and landed on the top planet, heading towards a ruined castle beside the golden moon. They opened the door to see a typical final boss layout, except for the wrecked walls and chandelier. They looked up to see, seated on a golden throne, a 2.8 meter tall demon eating gold coins. Then it turned to face them. It looked nothing like a human apart from the shape of its body. His arms were so long they reached just above his ankles and his forearms were huge compared to the skinny hind arms. On the end of those forearms were fingers that were as long as short swords and just as sharp. His legs were that of a standard human if one were to ignore the four toed clawed feet, each claw the size of a dagger. He had dark blue skin and wore an old bandage around his abdomen, then a pair of ripped up trousers covered his lower region. His face was inhuman. He had a long snout comparable to a snapping turtle, which was smooth up until the teeth. He had 5 eyes, 1 on his forehead and the others on the sides of his head, distributed evenly. "Don! It's your old friend Envy! Are you still you?" Lillian asked with bravado in her voice. "Just so you know, they're ready." whispered Mono to Lillian. The demon looked at them and pointed at the gold he was eating, then used that arm to make an expecting gesture. "We ain't got nothin' to give. But the boss is callin', says it's real important." said Lillian. The demon got up from his throne and looked at the two. Then he opened his mouth. A small black orb could be seen. "S**t." said Lillian out loud as she looked to Mono. She nodded. Instantly, energy fields formed around the demon, and it's breath attack was reflected back to its face. "Plasma cannons, fire." said Mono as laser cannons appeared to be coming out from the ground, walls and ceiling. The shields went down and the lasers fired, blasting the demon. "Wow...that looked hella painful. Well I guess it's my turn." said Lillian as she jumped into the smoke created by the lasers' impact and began to hit something. Within the smoke, Lillian and the demon, who seemed to pay no mind to the injuries it had incurred, were trading blows. The demon grabbed both of Lillian' s hands and charged up a breath attack. Lillian kicked the demon's mouth closed and watched as it's breath attack detonated in its own mouth. The demon took a few steps back, just to be shot in the face by laser cannons sticking out of Mono's back. "This is surprisingly easy." said Mono, who had started reading manga. "So this is what the boss reads. It's pictures so I don't get bored, and it's kinda funny."

Upon seeing this, the demon' s aura burst forth. Not because he was mocked. But because the enemy had somthing he didn't. A 'manga'. His wounds cleared away and he then proceeded to punch Lillian through a wall, coming after Mono at light speed. Mono had dropped the manga and put up a shield, but it shattered like glass and she went flying as well. The demon then picked up the manga and went back to his throne, reading it. "Goddamn it! Mono! why'd you have to bring that thin' out!" shouted Lillian, whose head was stuck in a wall outside. "I got bored." said Mono, who was now a stain on the wall beside Lillian. Then an aura of energy burst from Lillian. "I guess I was jealous of all that gold." said Lillian as she removed her head and charged into the castle again. "I'll just make a bunch of weapons out here." said Mono, oozing off the wall. In the castle, Lillian had punched the demon through his chair. "Round 2, B***H!!!!"

The demon got up and looked at Lillian's aura, then he let out a shout as his own aura escaped his body. The two then proceeded to trade blows at light speed, destroying the castle and the worlds which they were fighting on. If one was blessed with divine vision, they would see the deranged smile on Lillian's face and the look of anger in Don'yoku's eyes. Then, the demon was blasted by hundreds of lasers fired from the pieces of the destroyed planets. "Planet Killers." Mono said to herself as she came out of a piece of wreckage covered in dark fire. "Ordinarilly this would never harm a Sin. But with a little Kirai magic, it burns so got the only thing that can protect you is Kirai magic." she said proudly, unaware that the asteroid she was standing on had evaporated due to the heat of the laser she was holding. "Ah. I messed up... Lill's burning too....but they're still fighting... wow."

The scene went on for hours. At a point, the demon grabbed Lillians arms with his arms and legs with his legs, then blasted her at point blank range. Then Lillian had given him an uppercut so large he flew through the debris of the planets. All while they were on fire. They both fell unconscious after a while due to excruciating heat. "Wow... Boss is gonna love hearing about this." said Mono as she made her hand a teleport gun and fired the two. She then looked at the wreckage of the planets, wandered around, and found what looked like an apple. "I need a nap." she muttered as she took a bite and blasted herself.


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