7 Anger
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Author :SamuelTeriba
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7 Anger

"GRRRAAAAHHHH!!!!!" Don'yoku roared as he awoke in the middle of four people who seemed awfully familiar.

"He got bigger....way bigger...He's actually taller than Frederick now."

"You say he was eating gold? I wonder how that tastes. It might have even added to his growth, though it isn't certain till I check my books."

"....Still can't believe we tied. I'll give him a proper beatin' once he wakes up."

"You guys...All that gold could have bought me vacation homes everywhere!"

Don'yoku got up instantly, surprising the four. He charged up a breath attack, but his mouth was quickly closed shut by a teenager. "Nah, I don't need that s**t." said the teenager.

As Don'yoku set eyes on the teenager, his heart seemed to be on steroids. He remembered the being in front of him, the being who had beaten him to a pulp when he was a three eyed demon Lord, and forced him to drink a drop of his blood. He remembered how effortlessly he'd been beaten when he tried to rebel against him.

"Looorrrddd Kkkkiiirraaiii." said the demon in a drawn out voice. "Ah yes. Don'yoku, now that you're awake... I can formally kill you. Kirai said with blood lust in his eyes which could be felt across the room. "And you morons too." he said, looking at Lillian and Mono. The pair instintively started sweating.

"Why?" Don'yoku asked in a slightly faster tone. Then Kirai proceeded to beat him up. "Next is Mono!" he shouted after having beaten the demon to a pulp, holding up said pulp....he had become an actual pulp, if there was a picture it would need to be censored. Mono ran at light speed, which to the others in the room broke the laws of common sense as she NEVER ran. Even Kirai stopped to process it for a second. But he eventually regained his senses and chased her at a speed exceeding sense, then proceeded to beat her up. By the time he was done she was just a puddle of slime on the floor. "And finally...the one who watched it happen!" he said as he directed his blood thirsty eyes at Lillian.

"What is this about, Master Kui?" said Zeno, giving Kui a book while Envy was getting pounded. "They destroyed that manga thingy in their fight." said Kui, in his child form. As he looked to face Zeno he saw that his face had turned deathly pale. "Is it that bad?" asked the boy. Zeno looked at Kui, nodded, and proceeded to walk backwards at a speed similar to a Formula 1 sports car. Then as Malakite and Opal entered the room they saw the pulps and asked what happened. "Something about manga? I'm just watching this go down." said Luxure. Immediately she said the word manga, Malakite started screaming and Opal knelt down and started crying.

"Jeez... I wonder what all the fuss is abo-" said Kui as he was interrupted by a fist to the face from Kirai. Luxure finally understood the situation as she as a pulpy Kui, but before she could run her leg was grabbed by the ball of fury and she was pulpified. Malakite and Opal were not spared and Zeno was hunted down.


"So what's the progress on Anger's position, since these two failed to capture Frederick." said Kirai to a distraught Malakite, who had been brought back with time magic, but remembered every moment of her 'pulpilization'. "Hello? Malakite?" said Kirai, bringing her back to her senses. "...System 6378sb. He's destroying it's planets."" said Malakite in a robot like tone. "Well no one here can capture him so I guess I'll go get hi-" Kirai was saying as a woman in torn priestess clothing barged into the room. Her hair was golden and her skin as fair, with golden pupils and a small aura. It was a lower goddess.

"What!!!!" shouted Kui as his aura hands left his body, Don'yoku charged up a beam attack, Luxure's hands turned to spikes, Lillians fists glowed purple and Mono released hundreds of laser cannons from the surroundings. Kirai sat still, but his aura said other wise with it's pure black state. It seemed to remove all light from the room. "HELP ME!!!!!" exclaimed the woman, who then collapsed on the floor. "ZENO!" shouted Kirai. "Oh yeah.... He's still in shock... damn."

"What should we do Boss?...I do need a new punching bag." asked Lillian. "I've been needing a new toy~" said Luxure. "Nah I'm hungry, It's not every day you get a free meal of this quality." said Kui, bringing out a salt shaker. "I walk too much these days. She could be my mount!" said Mono clapping excitedly. "Brraaccceeellleeetttssss, Eeeeyyyyeeeebbbbaaallllssss." said Don'yoku slowly. "....Wow. You guys are more messed up than I remember." said Kirai out loud. "What do you mean... we've always been like this." said Kui. "Oh yeah... That's true. Anyway I was considering waiting for her to wake up and explain why she just shouted for help...from us."

There was silence in the room, but the Sins had all gone deathly pale. They looked at one another aware that they were all thinking the same thing; Who is this?


"Here's your tea, Madame." said Zeno as he handed over the cup to the woman, who was wearing a towel after having just come out from a bath. She drank the tea hurriedly, as if she was forced to. She looked on in gear at the being in front of her... Don'yoku. "Are you by chance...a 5 eyed demon? The woman asked. Don'yoku shook his odd looking head. "Then how many eyes do you possess?" she asked now curious about the demon. The demon removed the bandage from it's abdomen and six eyes opened from nowhere. Then he raised his fore arms and four appeared on each. Then he turned around and there was one giant eye on his back. "Twenty...." said the woman, who now looked as if she had died centuries ago. "Your clothes." said Don'yoku quickly as it seemed as if his hand disappeared. Its hand returned with her dress, neatly patched up. "Weeeaaarrrr thhiiissss." said the demon. "Okay..." muttered the goddess as she put on the dress. The dress transformed into purple chains and slithered around her body, binding her tightly. "Lets gooooooo" said Don'yoku as a portal opened up for them.

They arrived in a throne room, with demons standing in lines leading to the throne, wearing all types of clothing. Some where wearing royal clothing, while others were wearing rags. Some wore nothing at all. A man was sitting on a throne in the audience as well, wearing blood red armor and a crown of bones. At the sides of the throne were the Sins, in a projection of their true forms. And on the throne of bones itself, was a teenager wearing black armor and a crown of crystal. "I'll give you 5 minutes. The King of hell and his elder demons have other things to do." said Kirai. It was at this point she realised. The man on the throne in the audience was the King of Hell, and the demons he had brought with him were 5 eyed demons. Everyone in this room could kill her in a heartbeat. "It's about the plan...Altheia's plan."

There was murmuring. Then the King of Hell raised his hand and all went silent. He looked a young man in his late twenties, with a battle freak face and facial markings made with blood. His hair was red and pointed out like Kirai's, and he had two massive horns growing from his forehead. On his arms there were two eyes each, looking around frantically. "Altheia, huh.... Why isn't this goddess dead yet, Kirai?" he asked, the demons murmuring again. Kirai raised his hand and all went silent again. "Altheia sent you. Is it about the upcoming event?" asked Kirai, leaving the demons confused. "Event? What the f**k are you talking about you arrogant c-"

"SHUT UP!!!!" shouted Kirai as he slammed his fist on his throne, releasing black flames upwards from himself. The room went dead silent. "Dante, I would prefer if you didn't interrupt me when I speak on important matters." said Kirai. The King of Hell fell silent, with a look of hatred visibly displayed on his face. "So what does Big sis wanna say to lil' ol' me?" Kirai asked. "I have almost finished the construction of the 1000th dimension. The only problem would be a massive influx of souls. They keep coming to occupy this space unless I give them rest. I request that you stop the cause of the massive increase in deaths at once." said a voice that was clearly not the lower goddess. "So what's the source of this increase." asked Kirai. "A galaxy destroyer, a particular Sin that seems to have a bottomless anger. Your Sin of Wrath, Ikaru."

"DAMN IT WHY!" exclaimed Kirai. "I was gonna try and avoid him till later!. He was my boss fight!". The demons around him looked puzzled. "But we were discussing about catching him this afternoon..." said Kui. "I was gonna come up with an excuse. Damn it Sis, why'd you have to bring this bad news." said Kirai, with his hands covering his face in agony. "I do not care for your inconveniences. For the greater good. For the good of all. Stop the sin of Anger."


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