8 Extra-Mono and Luxure
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Author :SamuelTeriba
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8 Extra-Mono and Luxure

"Yay! We finally get some spotlight~"

"You mean YOU get some spotlight. Seriously all you've done since the series started is look pretty."

"And I'm damn good at it~"

"...Okay. I and Luxure are here today to tell you all about our powers. First off, me, so I can go back to my nap. I'm a slime. A powerful slime. good night"


"....Fine. I'm powerful because my slime is a special substance. It can replicate the structure and composition of anything...that's logical. It does so instantly, so I'm kinda a walking arsenal. My regenerative and expansive abilities are top tier, so I can keep firing ammo and make enormous weapons. That and I can shapeshift. Is that enough?"

"...For now."

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"It's your turn, so imma gonna take a little nap."

"In that case~. Hello everyone! It's me Luxure~. I'm a succubus, a type of demon. I'm 20 eyed like Don, so I'm pretty strong~. While normal succubi know illusion magic and dream invasion, I can make pocket dimesions! Sounds cool right? I'm a goddess in those dimensions as everything that happens there is based on my imagination~. The only one whose escaped it is a single pesky judge. My polar opposite...the insect broke it~ Oh well...I guess I can't help it if they annoy me a little~. The anime hero couldn't even scratch it... Anyway, apart from that I can form soul piercing spikes on my hands~ they're great weapons because only aura can block them. And with Kirai magic infused into them~....they become a weapon only Kirai, Kui and Altheia can stop. This makes me a melee fighter to be feared by Lilian and Don'yoku...but Ikky is way too strong~. Well, I've said enough, you'll have to read up on the rest~!"

"And don't wake me for this next time. Or you'll regret it."

"*gulp* Got It!"


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