9 Anger II
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Author :SamuelTeriba
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9 Anger II

" Geez..." said Kirai after the message was delivered. " that that has been delivered. Tell us why we're all here." said Dante. "Surely it wasn't just for that?"

"Obviously. I called you here for a different matter. Since Big Sis already said a lot just now, I'm going to finalise it. When I've gathered all the sins I'm going on a little vacation with them to Dimension 1000." said Kirai, the Sins looking at him with shock on their faces. "In my stead, I need you, Dante, to be the universe's god of darkness...until I return." The audience shouted words of approval and opposition.

"Finally we'll be back to the good old days!"

"Are you joking? The judges would wipe us out!"

"Surely he has a plan for that. He wouldn't just abandon us, would he?"

"He's the god of darknees. He can abandon us!"

"Shut up!" shouted Dante, and the audience went silent. "Gladly, my Lord. I shall take the darkness to brand new heights in your absence." the King of Hell said with a wicked smile. "Great, now that that's settled, I'm going to take this young woman, and use her to find Ikaru." said Kirai, picking up the lower goddess who had fainted and calling for an end to the meeting. "At last...." whispered Dante to himself as he went through a portal of flames, along with the rest of the demons in the room. The Sins stood in disbelief at what had just been discussed.


The lower goddess woke up in a lounge, where she saw two children fighting while the rest of the Sins were seated.

"A vacation!?! And you left Dante In charge!?! What do you even mean by vacation!, Altheia would crush Dante in a second!" exclaimed Kui.

"Altheia and her judges will be accompanying us. As for why...I'll leave you guys to figure that out." said Kirai.

"...There's no reasoning with you, is there? You're the god of darkness...why are you making deals with the god of light?" asked Kui. "Because both sides have been fighting for too long." replied Kirai. "Oh, she's awake."

The goddess was propped up by the chains on her body and she began to speak. "My name is Freda. I am the goddess of the planet Zeldris, which Anger is on his way to. I requested assistance from the judges, who asked Goddess Supreme what to do. And I was given this divine Message. Ask Darkness Supreme for help. That is why I am here."

"Zeldris...Malakite, what's the system closest to that?" asked Kirai. "2374we sir" said Malakite. "He's a few systems away from It, but he's closing in."

"Okay...Freda will be escorting me. Any objections?" asked Kirai "Not like we can." said Lillian. "God level teleportation." said Kirai as the two disappeared faster than anyone could notice. Luxure smiled. "He's back~"


"He's approaching... Mach 2 quadrillion is his current speed." said Malakite. "Yeah...he's already here." said Kirai as Anger appeared. His body was covered by a blood red aura, thin enough to be considered his actual body. His face had minimal features, consisting of purple eyes and a zig zag mouth, his hair had grown out wildly and had turned spiky though was still the color of his body. He had a tail as tall as his upper body and his hands were four fingered demon claws. "Ikaru, my boy! What are you up to these days?"

"I don't think he can hear you." said Freda. "And why am I here?" she finally asked. "To be my anime heroine." said the god. "Eh?" she said, looking at Kirai and Anger, and saw that Anger was wearing what looked like a smile. Then he frowned and in a second Kirai's aura wasn't detectable anywhere within the solar system. "You...killed him..."the goddess said with a look of pure despair on her face. Anger looked at her with a smile...and then he frowned. He began to scream and fell down, rolling on the ground in pain. "Wha... wait..." said the goddess as she noticed something. One of Anger's arms had turned human. "'re a mess. You even forgot how to speak." said Kirai from beside Freda. "Normally when I greet a true, they're supposed to shout 'I'll kill you' or something like that. Though I've never seen a host fight back...could it be? You're angry at your true form?"

Anger got up and looked at KIrai. His mouth opened up to 3 times its size and he fired a red beam. It hit Kirai and went on to destroy three solar systems in that direction. Freda looked at the part of the planet that had been freshly gorged out, leaving only molten earth in its wake. "This isn t're too strong..." said Freda. Anger looked at the goddess, charged up a beam and began to expand his mouth, when he suddenly found a fist in his chest. "Blitz." Anger's body was blown several systems away, and Kirai looked at Freda. " off." he said, as he went towards the direction he blasted Anger. "The universe is unfair." said Freda pouting.

Anger found himself in the remains of a planet, and got up without a second thought. He roared and prepared himself to face his opponent. Kirai appeared in front of him, and gave him a world ender punch. " least flinch." said Kirai with his fist in the side of Anger's face. Anger punched Kirai into debris and began a punch rush. "Tsk. How about this. World Destroyer." Kirai said as his fist glowed purple and he punched Anger. A huge shock wave was released and the surrounding debris incinerated. When the smoke cleared, Anger had successfully blocked the punch and had only moved a few feet away. "...Stop being OP. It's inconsistent." said Kirai, Anger giving him a confused look. Anger then proceeded to begin slashing rapidly, releasing red slash attacks. "That's new...though I guess you didn't have claws before..." said Kirai as the attacks hit him, with him not flinching at all. "Oops... I was supposed to get knocked back by these."

Anger flew at breakneck speed and began another punch rush. Kirai released a shockwave from his body and sent him flying. "Ya-" Kirai was about to say when he was suddenly punched again by Anger, who began another punch rush while orbs around him shot red lasers. "Stop rushing me. You're not giving me much space to think here. Not that I need to but still, chill." Kirai said as he punched Anger away. Anger got up almost immediately and prepared yet another rush. "God damn It..." said Kirai as he punched Anger yet again. Then Kirai saw hundreds of lasers being fired at him from all sides. As he raised a shield to block the lasers, he found that Anger had run into the shield and started another rush. "....that was smart, but now I'm pissed." Kirai said as he began his own pinch rush, made worse by the fact that Anger was being bounced off the shield. Anger roared and a black and red shockwave appeared. It blew open the shield and sent Kirai a good distance away. "Hmm...My magic, huh." said Kirai as he looked at Anger, who was now covered in black markings. His eyes and claws had also turned black. Then Anger began his rush. The intensity of this rush in particular blew apart whole systems casually and sent Kirai flying. "Finally, my boss is in its second stage!" exclaimed Kirai as he recovered and flew towards Anger. The pair began to trade blows and left no piece of debris untouched.


"The devil has engaged the Sin." said Suita to the judges. "So the capture of Anger is no longer possible...not that it was before." said an old gentleman in a white suit. "Dorian...I suggest you do not give up hope so easily...but honestly, you're right." said a woman, who looked to be in her twenties wearing a plane white dress. "Dorian, can you say that!" shouted Rokuro. "Not all of us are as persistent as you, Rokuro. You should sit down and relax you know." said a middle aged man with a stoic face. His eyes closed shut. "The situation isn't something we can help anymore." If Altheia was present we might have had a chance, but for now be content with the outcome."

"Tsk...if I had captured that sin.... we wouldn't be in such a bad situation, you know." said Setsudo. "I cannot be content, Alexander, when the embodiment of Glutonny is alive and well."

"So we all agree this is a bad situation." said Kuro. "So now that that has been decided...can we get to judging the souls that have been brought here because of their fight? It's a bit selfish to deny them of the afterlife this long."

"Already on that." said Suita. "While it's true that my opposite is fighting in a place we can reach right now Rokuro, with the god of darkness present, our chances of capturing him are nil. We can only hope that the master plan Altheia told us she was implementing before she went into her current state succeeds."

"Hope...too bad there's no such judge." said Rokuro, leaving the hall.


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