10 Anger III
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Author :SamuelTeriba
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10 Anger III

The two had been trading blows for a while now. The surrounding area was clear of everything except for the planet which Freda was on, as Kirai had protected that in secret. "...Are you tired yet?" asked Kirai, who was not physically tired, but mentally. Anger looked at Kirai.

"Kkkkkeeeevvvvviiiiinnnnn." said the being. " you remember something. Though I still have to beat the crap outta ya." said Kirai. "DRAGONN!!!!!"exclaimed Anger as he flew towards Kirai, looking angrier than before. He begun another punch rush, but this time he seemed to have thousands of arms.

"Man you lack originality you know that...this fight is getting dull... Hey..hey, hey, hey!" Kirai said as he noticed something had slipped out of his pocket. He searched the space they were in and found nothing...until his eyes zeroed in on some scraps of paper. "My fanfic... I was gonna turn that into a manga...then an anime. Now you've done it. I'm done playing. 1 percent." said the god the entire area turning black. Anger could barely see what was happening around round him. He was in a void of black flames and the only thing he could see were two red dots in the distance. Then he saw the dots move right. A sudden incredible force sent him flying.

When the darkness cleared, a good portion of the galaxy had been destroyed. Anger was floating in another galaxy, his aura coat in pieces and his true mouth exposed. He was unconscious. "All I did was move my eyes... I've got to keep that under wraps. Until the event at least." he said as he teleported to Anger's location. He picked up the body, threw it in a portal and returned to Freda's location. "What happened just now...." she asked. "I got serious." Kirai replied grabbing her arm and teleporting.


"When Ikaru wakes up, I'll make him get Frederick...we can't afford to waste anymore time...actually we can waste a little." said Kirai, rewriting his fanfic. "So boss, are you finally gonna tell us what this is all about? asked Lillian. "Why the hell are you hunting down Sins? And what the f**k did you plan with Altheia! How did you even f**king plan with Altheia! Speak you bastard!!" she shouted. "I would prefer if you calmed down... all I can say is that by the end of this... the war between light and darkness would end...Not immediately could be billions of years until a winner emerges. But it's better than for all of time, you know." said Kirai as he continued writing his fan fiction novel.

"Stop the war huh... that's a load of bullshit. Darkness and Light are always going to fight. It's simple logic." said Lillian. "This is the problem with mortal races... The only one here who understands what I'm saying would be Don'yoku, who is even older than me."

The sins gasped. "Don's older! But you're the freaking god of darkness!!!!" You made the demons!" said Kui. "Yeah..I didn't make them. No one knows who made them...but I control what makes up their life force. So I became their god." explained Kirai. "But the elders of the demon race who came before me, like that moronic King of Hell, only see me as a king, who can be replaced. Arrogant pricks. Except you Don, you're good."

"So you weren't there when the universe was made?" said Mono. "Nah...though Big Sis was there...and she was there at my birth but that's a topic for another time." answered Kirai. "Alright, Ikaru's waking up. Q and A time is up."

" long was I...This floor pattern...Kirai huh." said a boy who looked similar to Kirai in age but slightly taller. His hair was dark red and his pupils slanted, his irises red and his face was smooth. He was wearing light armor apparently made from red dragon scales. He had a sword on his back, which his true form had used as the material for claws. "So...what's this about? I wake up from a thousand year nightmare to see your evil mug again, there's definitely a reason for that." said Ikaru, now standing up and folding his arms. "There are three reasons actually." said Kirai, who was proof reading his fanfic.

"Number one I can't tell you right now. Number two is to go get Frederick. And number three is that I didn't have much of a choice."

"Ikaru...I honestly don't know how to feel about your return." said Luxure. "Just feel the same as when the rest of us came here. It ain't that hard. Or did all that time at the red light district after you that badly?" mocked Lillian. "I hate you, but lets leave killing each other for later. After Kirai's whole master plan." said Luxure. "I'll open a portal to Frederick's location. If it's you then I'm sure he can't win... though you're both power houses." said Kui as he opened up a portal and Ikaru walked through. "Damn this is exhausting... But this means my side is ready...I wonder whether Big Sis still thinks this is okay." muttered Kirai to himself.


"...Suita. Where are you..." said a woman with bright golden hair, glowing white skin, golden irises and a long, beautifully adorned dress. "My goddess! You have awoken! We have much to discuss!" said Suita, elated that the goddess was finally showing signs of life. "Do not bother yourself. I already know about the recent events. Prepare the judges. We shall soon end the war that has plagued my creations." said the goddess. "Yes Goddess Altheia." said Suita, getting up taking a bow and heading for the exit.


"Well, well, well, If it isn't the dragon himself. I was wondering when he'd send you." said a huge man wearing black armor from head to toe. He wore a full helmet, the only thing visible where purple dots where his eyes should be. Beside him was a huge purple sword, laying comfortably on the side of the throne which he sat on. "Yeah...Kirai wants to do something with the sins. He said I should get you over there even if I had to resort to brute force." said Ikaru rather calmly.

"Ha! that's a joke right! I rule a freaking planet! Why would someone as great as myself go and ahead and become the lackey for some undeserving brat? Me? Frederick! The Sin of Pride! Are you stupid!" exclaimed the black knight. "Damn it, why'd you have to go and be proud! I've got enough on my plate already!" said Ikaru as a red aura escaped his body. "You damn insect! How dare you shout at me!" shouted Frederick as a purple aura appeared around him. He raised his hand and hordes of undead were summoned, who all rushed towards Ikaru. Ikaru unsheathed his blade and took out all of the undead in one slash. "Don't treat me like gutter trash you pest!" shouted Ikaru. Frederick picked up his sword and ran towards Ikaru at light speed. Ikaru used his sword to block the incoming strike, which destroyed the floor of the castle that they where in. "Do you think you can beat me worm!!! We are not equals! I drank two drops of Kirai's blood! Two! I am far more powerful than any of you pathetic Sins!!!!" shouted Frederick, pushing his blade. "Only two?...I drank a gulp of it." said Ikaru as he pushed Frederick's sword away and kicked him to his throne, and as Frederick got up he found a fist under his chin. "Dragon's Decapitation!" shouted Ikaru sending Frederick a few planets away, helmet broken exposing his platinum blonde hair and his middle aged face, as he floated around, unconscious. "Now to pick up the body." said Ikaru.


"They're seriously doing it. I gave them an infinity to find out the obvious, but they think up the complete opposite... Kids these days...or should I say toys? Yeah it's toys. Those idiots are definitely toys. Well, I guess Altheia's a high value toy! Nah, she's average Kirai! A brand new type of god created in my worksheet! I'm gonna be promoted to Supervisor Supreme at this rate!"

All this was spoken by a woman with white glowing hair and a plain white gown which also glowed. Her eyes glowed pure white and her skin was golden. When she opened her mouth, only white could be seen all the way through.

"Oh well. I'll approve this destiny, but...I think there's room for lil' ol me in this worksheet. And so says the Supreme." said the figure as she stamped a paper and a space like layout opened up around her. She penned down a few words a flicked the layout, making it return to the paper. She put the paper in with other similar sheets, then carried the sheets to a cupboard full of them.

"Good luck!" the being said. "Now to make a magical girl universe! Though I made one like that two thousand infinities ago..."


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