11 The 1000th dimension
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Author :SamuelTeriba
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11 The 1000th dimension

"You came, my son." said Altheia, looking across the empty white space that she had spent the last 5 billion years making. "Don't worry, Big Sis. I'll make this interesting for both of us. And the ants too." Kirai said, pointing at the Sins and Judges, who were lined up facing each other inside a colesseum. "And stop calling me son Sis. The ants might get confused."

"It is you who has made the matter confusing, my son." said Altheia. "I am several eons older than you."

"And to us that's like what, 5 years?" said Kirai in a matter of fact tone. "Your arrogance astounds me. I still haven't punished you for turning the universe black." said Altheia, somehow still calm. "Hey, you made star's so it's all good." said Kirai chuckling. "Ps I didn't turn it black for whatever reason you're thinking. It was bright...way too bright, so I simply turned off the lights."

"Those 'lights' made sure there was constant growth of vegetation. I had to make over a hundred changes to a single plant, not to talk of the universe." said Altheia. "And let's not even get started on the reset. If I couldn't control time, that would have been the end of this universe as a whole."

"I can control time too, so if I got bored enough I could have reversed it. If not for the side effect." said Kirai. "You mean that everyone's time in the universe would be reversed, and they would have the memory of it." said Kui, who had grown tired of standing and doing nothing. "That is correct, my ill fated child." said the goddess. "Thanks for the needless exposition Kui" said Kirai.

"To think you'd be despicable enough to enlist one who can not even truly are scum." the goddess said looking at Kirai. "Yup...isn't that a fact by now." Kirai said, rubbing his left arm and making a shallow smile, while looking away. "You're too emotional, my son... let me end your life and relief you of your suffering." said Altheia.

"We both know that ain't happening." Kirai said, regaining his composure. "Let's just get this over with. I shall now explain your situation. The fourteen of you, will be placed in a tournament to decide who wins."

"What are we winning?" asked Dorian, the old man in a white suit. "The winner will be crowned victor of the eternal war between light and darkness. I and my son have arranged this...because neither side can bear it any longer." said Altheia.

Both the Sins and Judges gasped. They had not expected that they would be the ones to end a war that the two most powerful beings in existence could not. They had assumed that they would be killed long before the end came. "You lazy gods! How dare you delegate this responsibility to us!" shouted Rokuro, drawing his sword and pointing it towards Luxure. "This is an illusion, isn't it! Dispell this now!"

"You impudent little.... Feel their auras! Are those fake!" shouted Luxure pointing at the pair of gods above them, whose auras had escaped them as they looked down at Rokuro, Kirai in anger and Altheia with a calm face.

"...I'm sorry." said Rokuro, putting his sword back in its sheate. "Well that was annoying. How'd he become a judge?" asked Kirai, his aura dimming. "He isn't guided by wrath, but a sense of duty...he wants to finish any job he gets without question." said Altheia. "...So why'd he shout like that?" asked Kirai. "He thought that this was distracting him from his duty of eliminating evil." said Altheia.

"Anyway...lets get this thing started! Big Sis and I are gonna turn off our Omniscience and Omnipresence so we can enjoy this!" shouted Kirai. "You have what?" asked Lillian. "I didn't stutter. Big sis knows everything, while I see everything." answered Kirai. "Explain everything." said Ikaru. "I can see everything in the universe, their past, present and future, their auras and the heat they emit, yadda yadda, you know, god stuff." said Kirai in a rush. "And she knows everything. And I mean everything. It's freaking scary."

"Why is that surprising to you Lillian." said Mono, who was tired of staring at her over enthusiastic opposite. "It's just that he could have used it to finish his mangas." said Lillian.

The sins went quiet as they slowly looked up, to see Kirai smiling and looking down on them. "Already turned it off you damn pricks. Ain't know way I'm making that mistake again... Dragon Ball is gone forever though...." he said, his mood taking a 180° turn. " an inconsequential matter. It does not change the fact that we have to end this. Let us make our preparations. The first fight has already been decided. Dorian...prepare yourself." said Altheia. "Yes Madame. I shall bring success to your exalted name." Dorian replied. "Enough sucking Mama's boy. So Im honna guess that old boot licker is gonna fight MC Fright Night?" said Lillian. "Yeah. Frederick. You're up against the gentleman. Try to win...I beg you, think before you strike." said Kirai on his knees and palms together, though he was floating. "Tsk. Fine....To think I would be compared to that ancient spec of dust." muttered Frederick. "Right well. You have 7 days to get all you need." said Kirai. "That's a bit short." said Kuro, who was covered from head to toe in bandages as usual. "But I guess we don't really need much."

"So short sighted...but I guess that was why you willing jumped into a burning building." said Suita. "The seven days are to make sure everything you hold dearest is safe. After all...we are gonna be gone from the main universe for some time."

Kuro went silent and Altheia began to speak. "Yes....that is a reason that can be concluded..." she said. Suita directed his gaze to her as if to say 'what do you mean by that'. She ignored him and continued. "The side with the most victories wins. In the unlikely event of a draw, Solution B will be implemented."

"Solution B? What the f**k is Solution B!?!" exclaimed Lillian. "First of all, you're stepping out of line Lillian. Secondly...Solution B is a secret." said Kirai, intently staring at Lillian in a way that implied that death was the good option. "Yes...Boss." Lillian said, stepping back in line with the rest of the Sins. "And you thought Rokuro was bad." said Altheia, chuckling. "Hey, they're evil. What ya gonna do?" replied Kirai.

"Now lets get this over with...I can't stand your person communicating with me much longer." said Altheia, floating to a seat decorated with gold, and beautiful flowers adorned its sides. On the left was a black throne with dark red cushions, and gargoyle heads by its sides. "I wasn't okay with bones, so you'll have to make do with this."

"...I love it...It's a throne with cushions...AT LAST!!!!!!!" Kirai shouted in a voice that made both the Sins and Judges fly of their feet and into the walls of the colesseum. "Good to see you happy my son, but do not damage our representatives." said Altheia. "...Oops." said Kirai as he floated to his throne, and for the first time in his life, felt something other than bones sticking up his back. He felt comfort. "...I'm never getting up." he muttered as he sunk into the chair. "There are two ways to win. A ring out, or a knockout. I don't need anyone dead yet." said Kirai. "This is to ensure the winning side has enough manpower to run the free universe." said Altheia. "And with that said, on the appointed day, the Judge of Humility..."

"And the Sin of Pride..."Kirai joined

"Shall do battle for the sake of the universe!!" they both shouted.

The Sins and Judges nodded and left through holes that had opened up in the stadium walls, murmuring amongst themselves. "Phase one has begun." said Kirai quietly. "Let us hope it ends quickly and Phase two can begin." said Altheia.


"Hey Priscilla, I just got a weird message." said Freda, who was talking with her fellow gods who had been displaced and were now being allocated new worlds. "Same...something about humility and pride...." replied Freda. "It's probably a divine message, but that would mean Altheia and the devil agreed to something, and I sincerely doubt that."

"Next!" exclaimed an old man as he looked at two girls talking. "Freda... I shall assign you to Vearth. Their god could use the help...he's dying of old age." said the old man as as he stamped a paper. "Thank you, Esteemed Elder."

"That message...I pray for your victory for my lord Humility...for the sake of the universe." muttered the old man as Priscilla came forward.


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