12 Pride vs Humility
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Author :SamuelTeriba
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12 Pride vs Humility

"Have you made your preparations?" asked Altheia, who had been seated on her throne the whole seven days.

"Yes Madame. I have made a shelther for my wife in the Aether. She is living there comfortably now." said Dorian. "What 'bout you, Frederick." said Kirai, looking at the Sin of Pride.

"You insult me. As if i would need to prepare of a loss. We all know that in terms of combat power, every single one of the Sins outranks those light bulbs." said Frederick. "Not all of us." said Kui, remembering his near loss to Setsudo. "Well I know I'm stronger than them. I'm at least stronger than that old man." said Frederick in a low tone, filled with displeasure. "I'm tempted to use my Omniscience but this has to be...interesting." said Altheia. "According to my son anyway."

"The two contestants should stand at the ends of the stadium. As this is a tournament there are referees. Zeno, Malakite and Opal are my referees." said Kirai. "I have chosen three elder gods. They are Písti, Eplída abd Agápi." said Altheia. "These six will make sure that no one dies...we shall give them the power to do so."

The two gods then stretched their hands forth and gave the six enough strength to beat Ikaru with a finger. "This will only last for 90 minutes. If the match doesn't end before then, it's a draw." said Kirai. " Are you clear on the rules?"

The two nodded. "The stage is the size of your average solar system. So you'll have enough space to do battle." said Altheia. "Let the battle begin."

The pair walked to the edge of the ring that was present, and Altheia alone stretched her arm. Reality warped and the Sins and Judges found themselves seated as they watched their companions. The view as in their heads, but they were all watching the same thing. "Let the fight begin." said Kirai.

In an instant, the two beings released an absurd amount of aura, and started flying towards each other at high speed. "So they're going for a knockout?" said Mono. "Probably. Well at least Frederick is going for it." said Kui.

"Do you think Dorian is going for a ring out?" said Alexander. "Most likely. You know how he likes to 'spare his enemies'." said Mary. The fight went on with both sides watching calmly, the gods looking on with relative disinterest. Not that they weren't imterested at all though.


"I see you're actively trying to eliminate me, Sir Frederick." said Dorian, who was using his cane to block Frederick's sword. "Is it that obvious? Gee, I wonder what gave it off?" said Dorian as he thrust his sword in tne direction of Dorian's head, only to have it smacked away by a golden cane. "That's no ordinary walking stick."

"Indeed! It is an Altheia weapon! I thank you sir for complementing it, although it pales in comparison to that Kirai weapon you have there." Dorian said joyfully. "Thanks...NOW DIE!!!" shouted the black knight as he began a massive hack and slash attack. "Oh! A random attack! This might be too difficult to block, even for me!" said the old man as he swung his cane around, deflecting the massive sword. "Be aware, Sir Frederick...that I said might." said the old man as he thrust his cane and it made contact with Frederick's chest. He was sent flying back a few feet, but regained his composure almost immediately. "...HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME! ME! THE GREAT KNIGHT FREDERICK! HOW DARE YOU!!!" exclaimed Frederick. "Verum Superbia: forced!!!" he said as his whole body was covered in a deep purple aura with blue stripes. His body changed shape and became like that of a minotaur with a lion's head and claws, and he grew to almost twice his size. He had an tail, which like hus new body was made of aura. His sword had transformed into spikes that protruded from his body. With his blue eyes he looked at Dorian and roared.

"Sadly, I do not possess a transformation...because there is no way to lose yourself in light." Dorian said as he braced himself for the beast's attacks and to his surprise he wasn't even being stared at again. "I SHALL NOT WASTE MY TIME WITH THIS OLD FOOL. BRING ME A WORTHY CHALLENGER YOU WORTHLESS GODS." said the beast, looking around for Kirai and Altheia. "I ask that you do not refer to Altheia as worthless." said Dorian, smacking the beast into the distance.

The beast stood up, looked at Dorian and roared. "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME!!!! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!!! I AM PRIDE!!! PRIDE!!!!!! THE WORST OF ALL SINS!!!!!" exclaimed the beast, referring to itself as Pride, as he rushed towards the old man. He released slash waves at random from his claws, some of which hit Dorian.

"So this is the power you traded your sanity for...It's fairly impressive, Sir Pride." said Dorian, who had his suit ripped in various locations and blood flowing out....but they didn't regenerate. "Those claw attacks...they were Kirai magic. I didn't expect that."

The beast flew closer to Dorian and attempted to cut off his arm, when he was met by an excruciating pain and backed away. He checked his stomach to see it had been sliced, and his non aura counterpart was bleeding. "Grahhhhhh!!!!!!" exclaimed Pride, firing beams from orbs that had formed from the blood. "I am afraid those are worthless." said a badly injured Dorian surrounded by a golden shield, which was deflecting the beams. He was holding his cane, which had been revealed to be a sheathed sword. Pride then flew towards the shield, ripped it open with its claws and prepared a breath attack. "Too slow!" said Dorian, kicking the mouth of his enemy shut. The breath attack blew up inside Pride, who shook it off and punched him with a flaming blue fist. "Insect! DO YOU KNOW KNOW MY POWER! DO YOU KNOW KNOW EXACTLY HOW LOW YOU'RE LEVEL IS!?!?!" exclaimed Pride as he held Dorian up by his neck. "What I do understand, Sir Pride, is that you and your main body are linked. Meaning that breath attack I kicked down...did a lot more damage than you think." said Dorian smiling. "It's even worse it it was Kirai magic."

Suddenly, Pride felt intense dizziness, dropping Dorian and stepping back. "What is happening to me!" Pride said as he fell to the floor coughing. "You're losing blood, but so am I. Right now it's a contest to see who can last the longest without fainting. We're both suffering from anemia. Which considering your main body was just subjected to a Kirai explosion...means that you're losing more than twice the amount of blood that I'm losing." said Dorian, sitting down on a chair he manifested. "Next is hypovolemic shock...and the first one of us to reach that stage...has already lost."

Pride was wretching on the ground in intense pain, screaming. "You coward! How dare you subject me to this pain! How dare you make me! Pride!!!! Take such a humiliating position!!!!! I SHALL MAKE YOUR DAYS MISERABLE AND YOUR NIGHTS HORRIFIC!!!! I SHALL BRING DEATH TO YOUR DESCENDANTS AND GRIEF TO YOUR ANCESTORS!!!!!!" were the last words Pride was able to say before losing consciousness, and evaporating to reveal a heavily damaged Frederick, his armor all but gone and his skin burnt and perforated with pieces of said armor. There was a pool of blood but the fact that the referees had not intervened meant he was still alive.

"Good match, Sir Frederick." said Dorian, dropping from the manifested chair suddenly and shaking on the ground. He had developed a slight fever.

"Before he became a Judge, Dorian was one of the most respected doctors on his planet. He's been incorporating his knowledge of the body into fights. In that sense he's one of the strongest Judges." said Altheia. "Scary." replied Kirai, stretching his hand out and breaking the manufactured reality. "Big Sis, it's your turn."

Altheia stretched out her hand and healed the two individuals. "The winner of this round is the Judge of Humility, Dorian." said Zeno, pointing at a score board. "One point for Light." said Písti. "Damn that arrogant prick. How dare he go and lose. Now they have a freakin' point. We better get a freakin' point." rambled Lillian. "It's over Mono. Wake up." said Luxure, shaking Mono who had slept off during the fight. "What did you expect. The winner was obvious the minute he went true." said Mono, returning to her slumber.

"Dorian went for a knockout...and he did so rather impressively. If this wasn't a tournament, this would be a major victory in the war against the forces of darkness." said Suita. "Such a calculated victory! Oh how proud we are of the old man! I shall never forget the way he fought for us. I am forever grateful! Dorian!" shouted Alexander, with the other judges nodding in agreement and laughing amongst themselves.

"The next battle shall be in seven days." said Altheia. "The contestants this time will be the Sin of Greed and the Judge of Kindness." said Kirai.

"And with that said, on the appointed day, the Judge of Kindness..."

"And the Sin of Greed..."

"Shall fight for the sake of the universe."

"Shall fight for the sake of the universe."


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