DREAM COME TRUE : Darling, please love me more
6 Chapter 3: SURVIVED 10,000 CHAPTERS
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DREAM COME TRUE : Darling, please love me more
Author :Fantasia_Taehyung
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6 Chapter 3: SURVIVED 10,000 CHAPTERS

Lunar answered it. "Hello, Lunar are you there?" Lunar still didn't answered it was an hour later when she spoke to that person, "What do you want?" Lunar said coldly which made the other person shiver.

"Hey I'm really sorry..." Kang Daniel said.

"And what would that do?" Lunar asked.

"Can I...." Kang Daniel said.

"What? Get back together? I'm sorry but that would never happen.That is for sure." Lunar said coldly.

"No. I was going to say 'Can I get my things there?' I'm outside your house." Kang Daniel then hung up.

'What the heck?! that guy is really shameless! He doesn't even feel guilty!.' Lunar ranted in her mind.

She suddenly thought of an idea which made her laugh evily. She got all of his things and had put it all in a box and went downstairs with it. Lunar went out of the house and walked towards Kang Daniel and had put the box in front of him.

He was about to get it when Lunar suddenly said,

"Don't touch it! Head butler, come here." The head butler walked towards her and said, "Yes madam?"

"Give me lighter." Lunar ordered. "Here madam." The butler then gave the lighter to Lunar.

"What are you gonna do?" Daniel asked.

"Just watch." Lunar grinned evily. She then lit the lighter up and then set the box on fire.

"Lunar! You...." Daniel gritted his teeth.

"Goodbye" Lunar chuckled and went back to her room.

She lay down her bed sighing. "Haaa....That felt good." Lunar said satisfyingly. Lillie-chan suddenly showed up, "Mhhmmm, You're right!." Lillie-chan cutely said. "Tell me how did Lunar Lucresia's body became mine?" Lunar asked curiously.

"It's a long story." Lillie-chan said.

"Oh please,I survived a 10,000 chapters of a story so I can endure it." Lunar boasted.

"O-ok so this is what happened..."


"Nooo!!!...My things why?!" Daniel weeped, "I-it's all gone....." Daniel was close to breaking down fortunately a phone call snapped him back from reality he immediately answered it then came a delicate and sweet voice, "Hon, when are you going back?".

Daniel's features immediately softened when he heard the girl's voice, " I'll be right there, wait for me."



Author's thoughts:

How was your Christmas everybody? Was it fun? Well mine is very fun hehe....New year is coming!!! Aren't you excited?!?! It's the beginning of an another year! Goodbye see you soon! I love ya!💜


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