DREAM COME TRUE : Darling, please love me more
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DREAM COME TRUE : Darling, please love me more
Author :Fantasia_Taehyung
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"Once upon a time there was a girl who loved princess stories then one day she decided that she will marry a prince charming.

"Mommy, is there a prince in real life?"

"Yes, there is sweety."

"Are they many?"

"Yes, but you just need to find the right one for you in fact you're father is one of them."

"Really mommy?"


"Then where is daddy's crown and castle?"

"You silly child..."

The little girl is blessed with a loving family but unfortunately that family's car or should I say her parents occurred a "car accident" which led to their deaths she was 8 years old when the accident occurred.

At the day of her parents' funeral she cried and whispered, "Mommy you didn't even told me how to find the right one and you daddy you didn't even show me your crown and castle yet you both are already leaving? Tell Lunar if she had done anything wrong she will make it right please just don't leave....huhu."

"It's okay....it's gonna be alright Lunar...." said her older brother.

~10 years later~

Lunar's family went on a vacation to Paris, France where she had met him, Kang Daniel whom first initiated their first conversation in the Eiffel Tower.

"Hello~ I'm Kang Daniel, How about you what's your name?" He smiled at that moment he told himself 'I must make this girl mine.' he told himself that because he was captivated by her beauty.

"I'm sorry but I don't tell my name to strangers."

"We won't be strangers if we become friends right?"

Lunar ignored him she went to her bike and went far away from him.

"We will meet again just wait for me!" Daniel shouted.

"What a weird guy..." Lunar mumbled to herself.

~3 days later~

"Class, we have a new student today be kind to her okay?"


"My name is Lunar Lucresia I am 18 years old. I hope to be friends with you all." She said plainly at that moment she saw a familiar face.

"It's him the weird guy...." she mumbled to herself.

It was at this moment when their professor a cupid because he assigned Lunar's seat next to Daniel.

"I told you we will meet again.."

"Piss off!"

"What a cute girl....." Daniel mumbled to himself.

After a bumpy road came a smooth road. They became together as their relationship went better.

It was a year after their graduation when he proposed to her where they first met, the Eiffel tower. It was very romantic even the girls that are passing by wanted to faint.

Lunar agreed to this.

A month later Lunar was going to a hotel to rest there when she saw a scene where a guy is holding the girl's waist and is kissing her which made her drop her phone. The couple heard the noise and immediately looked behind them the man's face immediately became pale as he tried to mutter the words that are stuck to his throat, "L-Lunar..... L-let me explain!".

Lunar immediately got her phone and ran away. Daniel ran to chase but she was already out of sight.

Lunar went back to her house, went to room and cried and cried and cried that she almost ran out of tears. She immediately dozed off but she didn't wake up or should I say won't wake up and at that time Lunar Fantasia committed suicide and her soul went to Lunar Lucresia's body and that's how you've been reincarnated!". Lillie-chan was very proud of her story telling ability.

" Ohhhhh...but..." Lunar said.


"I only asked how I went to her body! Besides I already know that because I have her memory right?! Be thankful that you're cute because if you're not I would have straggled you to death!."

Lunar angrily said.

"Hehehehe....." Lillie-chan felt dumb at that moment.


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