Dark Assassin Chronicles
27 Chapter 27
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Dark Assassin Chronicles
Author :dff123
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27 Chapter 27

With so many injured and dead individuals from the demon beast attack, the competition was put on hold as many experts from around the region gathered into the village to discuss means to prevent such a situation from happening ever again.

This incident raised some eyebrows from the royal family's representatives in the region, but unable to really do much, they allowed the forces located in the region to come up with their own plan of action since a Master rank demon beast was not something that would endanger their control of the region.

It could be said that every year in some other regions, tens of thousands of Master rank demon beasts were slaughtered. So why would the royal family be afraid or take a single one seriously just because it would be difficult for other experts in the region to handle on their own?

Due to the fact that Maroon City was located nearly next to the village, the other experts in the area decided that the control of this village would be temporarily handed over to the forces of Maroon City to look over just in case another incident were to occur.

As for the opinions of the other experts who did not want to just take this attack laying down and wanted to instead go on the offensive, a group of influential powers chose to send a handful of experts around the region to try to eradicate this so called Master rank demon beast.

With some of their older elders who could take on a Master rank demon beast leading their forces, these influential powers hoped that they could earn the reward for simply killing it on top of the hidden resources it may have in its possession.

As all of this was happening in the span of a month, Tommy had finally woken up in an infirmary bed that each of the major powers of this region pitched in to build for the village. Since they were all technically now at war, it was not hard for many of them to pitch in funds to help build up the village into more of a defensive stronghold.

Upset that he earned nothing from the competition due to the invasion of sorts of these mysterious demon beasts, Tommy was feeling even more under the weather as an elder of his clan walked into his room several minutes later with a surprised look on her face.

"Oh Tommy it is good that you are finally awake. Your parents and the Patriarch were very worried but still pleasantly surprised that you took it upon yourself to enter into a competition and to rank very high before this incident had occurred." she told Tommy before explaining the current situation of the region.

"Every cultivator under the Practitioner rank has been placed under house arrest and are all in the process of closed door cultivating to raise their strength as quickly as possible. Since you are now awake, I can allow you to head to Maroon City alone since we are so close by and many experts are in between this village and the city."

"However, since you have now awaken and your wounds are healed, I must ask you as your senior and as an elder of a clan to head back right away and to not argue with me on this matter."

"Unfortunately, I need to remain in the village to help protect it against any possible invasions of demon beasts so I am unable to accompany you on the journey back." the elder politely told Tommy before walking out of the room once he showed that he was able to stand up and walk properly.

Tommy was furious to hear this because he had just realized that his sword had been broken by that mysterious demon beast who fought him during the competition with her bare hands.

With losing so much from his funds to even his weapon, and not winning a single thing for entering the event, it could be said that Tommy wasted too much on this trip.

"If I had more power, I wouldn't have been toyed with and would have lost everything. I need to raise my strength quickly so that I can hunt down that demon beast who had done this to me!" Tommy shouted out before throwing his broken sword towards the bed in the room before taking his leave.


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