Dear Achilles
1 Thursday, September 22, 1932
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Dear Achilles
Author :Reeki
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1 Thursday, September 22, 1932

Dear Achilles,

Hey, Achilles, have you been well? Actually, you probably won't be able to answer that question because I don't really plan on sending these letters to you. On second thought, maybe I will send them just to make you understand how my life went downhill all because you left me. You'll feel soooooo guilty for leaving me in this pathetic state, you'll realize that all that's left for you to do is return to me. Anyway, you may be wondering why I'm writing these letters. But even if you asked me, I wouldn't be able to answer you. Maybe I'm writing to you because I miss you. Or maybe it's because I resent you for abandoning me. But all I know is, during the time we were together, I loved you. Since you left, almost everyday I contemplate if I still continue to love you as I did when we were together. Do you still love me, or have you found yourself a new woman already? Hmph, I always knew you were a cheater. When we were with each other, I liked to believe that I was the only one for you because that's what you always told me. Though somewhere in the depths of my mind and heart, I knew I wasn't the only one you loved.

Did you really love me like you said you did?
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the one who loved you,



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