Dear Achilles
7 Monday, February 5, 1933
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Dear Achilles
Author :Reeki
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7 Monday, February 5, 1933

Dear Achilles,

Remember that day in the winter when you told me that if I ever left you then you wouldn't be able to survive? I remember I laughed at you and called you an idiot. Even though I thought you were joking, I told you that we'd always be together until our final breath of air escapes us, and you smiled at me. It was a sad smile, I noted, but it was a smile nonetheless, and a true, genuine smile from you was rare so I brushed it off. Thinking back on that moment, you had probably already planned to leave me. Now that you're gone, I understand why you smiled at me so sadly. You were afraid. Afraid that I'd leave you. I think I get why you left me. You left so you wouldn't get hurt when I left you, but instead, I'd be the one in pain when you left. You're a selfish coward who only cares about himself. But I still love you. If I were any other girl then you would've been slapped in the face or pushed down a staircase, but I would never do that because I understand you. And I may be the only one who does.
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the only one who understands you,



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