Dear Achilles
9 Wednesday, February 29, 1933
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Dear Achilles
Author :Reeki
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9 Wednesday, February 29, 1933

Dear Achilles,

Abraham and I talked about your name the other day. He asked me if there was any meaning as to why you have the name Achilles. You know, the name of that Greek hero? Well, I told him that I wasn't sure because you never told me if it had a meaning or not. Strangely enough, we started joking about your name (sorry about the joking, but know that I really do love your name). We joked that you really were like that Greek hero because you were able to live a long time, just like how 'Achilles' was dipped in a pool of water to grant him invulnerability so he would be allowed to live a long life. I told Abraham that you were invulnerable because I had never seen you injured despite all of the dangerous things I had seen you do, like when you drove your motorcycle into a tree (yeah, I remember that). We continued to talk about your name, but suddenly, I felt sad. I remembered that in one of my history classes we learned that 'Achilles' died because an arrow was shot into his foot, which was never dunked in the pool of water that had granted him invulnerability. I thought of how you left me and how 'Achilles' died. Thinking about that made me start to believe that I may have been your 'Achilles heel.'

Did you leave because of me?
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your 'Achilles heel,'



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