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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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-1 Prologue - Who’s the idiot who gave birth to him?

I run… I flee… I don't think I'll survive to it… One thing is sure, he's persistent. I hide myself behind a ruined wall, I catch my breath.


I'm still stuck behind my wall and it's been 1 or 2 minutes that I don't hear any sound… It feels quite relaxing, but it's also scary, it means that I can't know where is he. I pass my head above the wall and take a peek: nothing! It's like he has disappeared! Yet something like a hero, it can't disappear like that no? I take a second peek when I see the air ripple a bit. It's getting closer…


I shout while I lean on the wall to jump the higher I can.

The ripple gets closer at high speed. The moment it touches the wall, everything in a radius of 3 meters abruptly evaporate, the tip of my shoes and a part of my toes with it…

There's not a lot of question to ask to yourself to know that the power of the heroes is surely the most unbalanced thing that exist in this world… After 10 years of learning, when a mage apprentice has to recite 3 lines of spell and the use the half of his spiritual force for small flame, he is valued lucky or talented! But when through sheer luck, a hero finds the inheritance of a powerful mage, he destroys the space itself! The heroes are overpowered, the heroes are waste the inheritances, the heroes kill everyone without distinction, the heroes create a religion just by going somewhere, the heroes… are popular with women! The heroes are definitely the most dangerous men of this world. And, especially, the heroes are all in the Empire! Death to heroes!

In the space of a second, these thoughts crossed my mind, but I quickly forgot about the stupid idea that start to grow in my head. The heroes are almost invincible, they are strong, maybe that… No! Bad idea.

I fall back on the ground. I decide immediately to run: the hero is at less than 20m, and chase me! I need to do something!

-Uta Tanbus Magus Terma Itir Moar Raluf Tanbus Itir Ut!

I recite a small spell and my body become strong, powerful and quick, my toes grow back also. It's a simple plant magic. It's admittedly the weakest element but I can improve my body just by having a little vegetal part, dead or alive, in my body. I pushed my mastery of this element to the extreme… Yet it's far from being useful against a hero!

Oh/ Did I say you that my name is Moar? No? It was what I was thinking, even if the mages certainly remarqued my name in the incantation.

I suppose you want to know why I'm pursued by an angry hero on the middle of a ruined city in the Empire? I suppose I can say you what happened, and my role in the destruction of this city…

But before, want to know something:

-Who is the idiot who had the bad idea to give birth to a hero???


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