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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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13 The scram operation OR the supreme stone 2

I arrive in a desert.

It's been three weeks I'm travelling, and I think I found my objective.

I raise my eyes on the dazzling sun, place my left hand before my eyes, and say:

-Aaah, what a lovely day to do some magic!

With a joyful pace, I go forward for a few meters.

-Wait, don't I have a lingering sense of déjà vu, right now?*

I think a few seconds before I push back these thoughts in a corner of my head with a hand gesture.

-Well, never mind…

I move forward while using single-use detection parchment borrowed to the imperial treasure every two meters.

This use is of course a little waste, but I'm sure that I'll find what I'm searching.

Effectively, after a few minutes, I have informations: the spell automatically turned my eyes toward what I'm searching.

I dig a bit the sand at a particular place and find runes.

I activate these runes, which lift a rock.

Behind this rock is a hole, in which I put a little water.

About a liter of water flow and there is a clicking.

A stone tunnel materializes, it seems it was invisible…

I enter in the tunnel.

It's dark but I have no need to see, I'm just probing the place with my magic.

Unlike the under rank 4 mages who use a false power, I'm able to use the strength of my soul as a magic source, it's called aura.

Until the rank 3, the mages are content with using the spiritual particles in the air for their magic, but the truth is that these particles are just a part of the aura that Moth is not controlling because she's in a deep sleep.

But if a day she happens to wake up, all the low rank mages will lose their power source. The tiny part of the aura of Moth called "magic" or spiritual particles would come back to her…

It's why high rank mages are really proud of their autonomy.

In Nyggloth, you can only hope proclaim being a mage only if you reached the rank 4.

In fact, mage is a profession.

It's why I wasn't a mage but a "magic theorist", until Merlin gave me a little help. Basically, they said me the equivalent of "go fuck yourself you're born one minute before midnight so you don't have the right to say that you're born at midnight".

All of that is to say that my aura is serving me to find the paths taken by the members of the shadow sect (I can even detect the tracks of a few millimeters).

I arrive before a stone door. In front is a bowl with a sign "Insert innocent child blood".

I cut myself a bit, and put a few drops of my blood in it.

The door trembles a bit, but stay motionless, like refusing the passage.

The innocent word is lighting up in red, like a neon.

-Holy shit, how come I'm not someone pure and innocent? I'm still a virgin!

Well, in this life…

-I never killed anyon… forget.

-I already saved someone!

Well it was an accident, but it's okay, no?

Nope it seems.

-So, well I don't have the choice.

No! I'm not going to strip a woman of her child! No, I'm not going to order it on Amazon or google it!

I thought about it, but as the blood of someone as pure as me wasn't approved, I doubt it'll work…

I'm just going to destroy it.

-One puuuunnnchh !

I just hurt my hand, but it's quite stylish.

And behind is something I wasn't expecting!


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