Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
15 Stop cliché-san, don’t come any closer OR let me sleep
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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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15 Stop cliché-san, don’t come any closer OR let me sleep

After organizing a few things, I'm ready to go back to the palace.

It'll soon be 2 months I'm gone, and I decided to go back to avoid to have one of these burial problems. Sometimes it's really annoying, you know…


The trip is unfolding without any trouble, and I take advantage of it to think a bit.

In the end, the rebels proved to be really nice and hospitable.

The reason why assassins attacked me was because my arm gave them the opportunity to get rid of one of the sons of the emperor, in exchange for being a spy for them after having taken back the control of the body.

Except that I never had any intention to do anything of that style, acting as a prince is a pain in the ass, I just revived here because it's easier to do it in the Empire than Nyggloth, as Nyggloth is very surveyed…

It's the problem with military countries, the security is too high and it's hard to do anything illegal.

In the Empire, it's not prohibited to do experiences on souls, while on Nyggloth, it's absolutely forbidden.

After yes, trying to destroy the soul of one of the children of the emperor is one of the only thing banned, because finally the only laws in effect are the laws defined by the strong, but it's not a big deal, anyway the kid was a bad guy, he tried to kill me several hundreds of times, and I absolutely have nothing to do with it… a bit… just a little bit… just a little little little bit… well, you know.


It's evening, i'm a bit worn out, I just entered the city.

I arrive finally to the Palace, go to the first floor*, and enter my room.

I'm about to pounce on my bed when I hear a surprised shout.


I see someone on my bed.

It's the girl I bumped into the other day.

-What are you doing here?

-Er, I was tidying your things. She says while put my pillow behind her (and while thinking being discreet).

I'm a bit uneased, and my otaku instinct is saying me things… that I prefer ignore…



-Nothing, but why are my belongings disturbed instead of tidy?

-Er, I was starting, it's not like I like you (tu) or anything, it's just that I was about to tidying your (tu) things, I never started by your (tu) bed to smell your scent! Don't believe weird things, idiot!


She come out with a sentence half incomprehensible, and she start calling me tu**, but I start to feel the incoming typical tsundere (baaaka!)… Shit, to think that I had the bad luck to save her…

(A/N; T/N from now on I'll say what's tu and vous in English, else some things can't be understood)

Her face takes a deep shade of red and she interrupts the silence.

-And by the way master, why did you (vous) come back this late? I was worrying for you (vous)! You're (tu) an idiot!

I don't understand why she ceaselessly pass from using tu to using vous, and this time, just for the typical "you're an idiot", but anyway I now am aware of why the tsundere are a looooooootttttt more of a pain in the ass in real than in waifu.

-Listen, I had things to do, right now I'm tired, I have to go to sleep.

She wiggle with an hesitant air and her face is blushing even more (I didn't know i twas possible).

-Ummm, if you (vous) want I can stay, I mean… I can help you to put your (vous) bed in order again. It's not like I want to stay longer, now!

I sigh… This girl is even more a definition of tsundere that the one of the dictionary, and to think that she only is 12 years…

-All right, but you're (tu for once) leaving after, ok?

-Honestly, what were you (tu) thinking? Evidently I'll leave! I'm just doing this to help you (tu)! It's not like I had the intention to sleep with you!


I don't know how many days she came for the room to be in such a mess, but it'll soon be 15 minutes we're tidying and it's still not finished… And half of my underwears disappeared, I asked her if she knew where they were, and her answers was sufficient to know what they become, which make the situation a bit awkward.

I was promising myself that someday I'll go to see her room to save my underwears of their pitiful destiny, when she breaks the silence.

-Master, what were you (vous) doing all this time?

She's using vous all of sudden and I feel something really dangerous coming.

I answer carefully, while weighing my words.

-Errrr, I had something really important to do.

I feel her inquiring look on my face, and her eyes are full of suspicion.

-If it was important, it was serious, right?


-So why did you (vous) look happy when you leaved?

Eh? I leaved in secret… Which means she was surveying my room… That plus her look… It's not complicated to do 1+1: yandere incoming***!

On top of being a tsundere, it's a yandere? What is it, a yantsundere? A tsunyandere? A dereyantsun? A deretsunyan? A yanderetsun? A tsundereyan?

Too much possibilities are passing in my head, and I feel coming a headache as we didn't see for thousands of years…

Besides, it seems she trapped me with the order of the questions, finding an explanation is becoming really complex.


I clear my throat, before saying:

-It's not because something is complex and serious that I can't like doing it.

-So you weren't with anyone?

Her look is menacing me again.

-No, not at all.

I'm a bit relieved to be able to finally conclude this discussion, it's becoming a bit hard to hold my lie big as the world.


She's not finding fault with it and I'm happy.


This fucking room is tidy, and it took us almost 20 minutes… Which means it's been soon 5 minutes an uncalled-for silence is dragging.

After it's true that my room is of the same size than a good size home on Earth, but still.

-Well, everything is finished, it's time for me to go to bed, err…

What's her name already****? Shit did I know it?

-Marie, it's Marie.

Holy shit, even her name is a cliché of Japanese who wants to give a "Frenchy-style".

-Hmm, Marie, I need to sleep, if you can leave the room, please.

She blushes and leave in a hurry.

I sigh, I'll finally be able to sleep… But before:


-Yes, master?

-Give me a detailed report of what happened while I was not here.

*It's the UK one, for US it's second floor, I thought about it but in French and in English UK the floors are counted in the same way so I decided to keep it like that.

**In french, using vous is a way to be polite (strangers and higher status people mostly), while using tu is more for family, friends and people you're close with. Calling a stranger tu is hinting you know him well and calling a higher status guy tu is impolite, here, she's doing both at the same time in a way, he's a stranger and someone who saved her, so she's being close AND impolite at the same time, generally, to call someone tu, you ask him first, or you need to see him regularly. She's here being overwhelmed by her feelings when she uses tu. So her words have more impact.

***In English in the french version.

****I had absolutely any idea about it while writting, and I still have any at the moment I'm translating so I'll have to go back a few chapters before I post it. EDIT: after verification, she had no name.


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