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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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16 Appearance of the 5th wall OR guillotine!

The AI starts its report:

-The following day, and every day after, Marie came on your bed and…

I have a bad feeling so I interrupt it*:

-Active the censorship, else, the author will have to add a warning for sexual content!**

-Marie [biiiiiiippp] and [biiiiiipppp] her [biiiiiippppp] on your pillow and smell your sheet while [biiiiiiipppp] herself everyday, one time the morning and one time the evening.

-Phew, it was a close one!

-Sometimes, late in the night, she came, took her knife, placed a picture of you on your wall, and…

I interrupt it again:

-The gore! The fucking gore! Do you need to fucking learn eveything! And the warning for gore? What impression will the novel give if there is a warning for profanity, gore and sexual content? Just profanity is sufficient, shit!**

-And […] your picture with her […] with a lot of cries and tears while shouting "Why are you gone? I'm gonna kill you bastard".

-Oh shit…

-3 weeks and 6 days ago, the emperor announced that it was time for the princes of your generation to get married, and that you have 4 weeks to choose a bride. The…

-Wait? I have only tomorrow left?

-You have exactly 23 hours, 18 minutes and 35 seconds!

-Shit… That's some shitty thing.

I think I won't be able to sleep tonight…

I yawn.

I sit down on my bed.

I think a bit.

It's not comfortable enough so I lay down.

Hmm… My time is precious, I absolutely have to make the most of every second.

I adjust my pillow and put myself at ease under the duvet…

Well, I close my eyes to think better…

What plan can I make to find a bride in a day?

I ponder about it but I may well think about it and return all the scenarios in my head I'm not finding the solution.

It is quite hot there, I suffocate a bit, I hope the night air will be able to brighten my thoughts.

I'm standing up.

-Hello, master, did you sleep well?


-Your reaction is indicating me that I have to launch the program "I aggroed my duvet fuck it". Do you confirm this action?

-No no! Forget it!

This program is a metal music that I created in my free time. And I absolutely don't want to be make a fool of myself before… No one in fact, just readers and rp players*.

But I have an idea.

An idea that can only summarize in a way:

-Chi chi chi, chi ga oshii!***

*For now I haven't decided of the sex of the AI, it'll depends of the voice I decide it to have.

**I had an irresistible urge to break the 4th wall! Broken the 4th wall! Destroyed! annihilated!

***It comes from a recent anime adapted from a visual novel, it's admittedly recent but very well known, and as not everyone has the references, it's Dies Irae, and this music in particular is sung by the character "Marie"! So his idea have something to do with Marie... I let you guess! About the "guillotine" part of the title, it's because even if the part he's singing means "blood blood blood, it wants blood" it's talking about a guillotine, as we can know with the next part of the music, that's absolutely creepy and beautiful at the same time, that I encourage you to listen, general knowledge and all of that (in French there is the reduction "culture G" G for general and culture for knowledge, and what's quite funny is the repetition 2 times of "toussa" it's normally cough in simple past, but sounds the same as "tout ça" which means "all of that", so the use of "toussa toussa" can replace the expression "tout ça tout ça", it's quite funny so I wanted to write about it).

Old thoughts:

I just realized that it won't be possible for the supreme stone to be integrated right now! Aaaaahhh! I can just say to you that it's about rebels, and this is why it will take a while Very Happy so the title of the chapter was a gigantic unexpected spoil xD. I wanted to ad dit sooner but I just saw that it didn't have any sense on the context and the scenario.

If you want, there is a comment i did in french about the chapter, as it's not important (the bonus is not concerning royalroadl), i just put it as bonus, and in spoiler so it takes less place:


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