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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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20 Jean-Kevin the kikoo OR Homo Internetus!

I enter my room, whistling. I'm quite happy! They are only dead about a hundred times each in one hour! It seems they both made progress! After all, I was estimated that they would die once per 10 seconds! And they only died once per 36 seconds!

What a great progress!

As their teacher, I'm proud of them, I'm not expecting of them to be able to evade the traps of a modern man of rank 5 like me, but at least for them to be able to survive to 2 3 traps! And yet, they survived to more than 10 traps out of a few thousands! I'm proud!

It seems that using the legendary weapons of the rebellion to do a test was a good idea!

While I'm at it, I should give them back their weapons. And I promised them a favor in exchange of the weapons. After all these weapons are all of their armament.

I disassemble the traps and replace the weapons by normal ones.

Anyway I forbid anyone to enter the room, so there shouldn't be any injured…


A man gives orders to his subordinates:

-You shall follow Moar to see what'll do!

-Yes, master.

The subordinates are leaving and the man stay motionless for a few seconds before leaving too.

The few thoughts he had during this few seconds are these ones: as for him, it is time for him to know what's happening in my classroom, after all, he felt strong magic undulations and heard atrocious screams, he is sure that it can't come from me! After all, am I not a 8 years old child?

Hostile NPC n°42 has been aggroed! It seems like he's still searching the meaning of life however!


The evening…

-Here we go!

I leave the palace, cross the city, and direct myself to the resistance base at high speed.

I disappear in the dusk.

But I don't notice five hostile figures who are following me…


In the night…

A man is walking towards the classroom, on tip-toe with little piano noises! Yes! We are getting back to NPC Tal n°Meaning of Life*, also named previously NPC n°2 while his discreet advance is dubbed by a violin and a piano, as in cartoons for kids!

NPC Tal SV (and not SUV) opens the door with a spell.

-It's too easy… As I thought Moar is not worth anything! He certainly obtained a treasure, else how would he be able to have a higher position than me?

He sees a closet at the end of the classroom and get close, curious, it's after all the only storage unit in the room.

The closet is empty…

And how should I describe what's happening?

Evidently that he's glued, lose an arm and a leg!

I won't repeat the previous chapter, anyway!

After stepping out, he feels a few tears, no, torrents of tears pouring on his cheeks! The real difficulty is not to enter, it's to go out!

When I'll come back, I'll learn that he had a sudden accident or illness and is consequently shut in his room.


A peasant is in his field, suddenly see a shadow pass above him, the wind produced by the shadow is enormous, but he feels it and hears a sonic boom only when the shadow already passed.

A few seconds later, 5 shadows are passing one after the other, all at the same speed.

And yes! It is me and my 5 pursuers I finally notice!

-Hmm, strange…

I was already surprised that the Empire have hundreds of thousands of rank 3 mages, and now they have NORMAL humans of rank 4… How did the Empire obtain so much rank 4? And why is the emperor the only rank 5 in the Empire? And for some not-mages to reach the rank 4… They might be unable to go further without magic, but they should have died before attaining this rank…

Anyway, they seem to have reached their limit! It's great, it's been 1h and 2000km that they are following me…

If someone else than a rank 5 mage was able to follow me, I would die of shame. Even with a 8 years old body, I'm still quick, and it's still not my maximal speed, I just wanted to avoid tiring myself.


The man at the front look behind him, the last one is dragging since a few minutes already and seems to be struggling, finally, he falls exhausted, unconscious, and lose consequently the skills he used to reinforce his force-field**. It's pointless to tell at how much his body is damaged after falling at this speed without protection…

While the man was watching behind him, I was jumping a mountain.

The second of the list, who I'll call Jean-Kevin***, jump, then shout to the first who's still down:


He turns back his head, and has the time to say only one thing before hit the mountain with his face:

-Oh shit…

It is hard to know who paid the most, the man or the mountain. But none of them survived to this fateful meeting.

I laugh:

-And that's 2!

I do pretend to lose an object.

The second of the three remaining catch it in mid-air, ask himself what it is… It looks like a tube, a bit long, and he can't see what's inside, so try to open it with his fingers, and… Magic!


-What's happening to you?

-My fingers are blocked, and there is something that's eating them!

He loses his balance, and scream while roll on the flour, his spells are not interrupted yet, but there is no doubt that he'll die soon, the insects already laid their eggs inside his bloodstream.

I have a wicked smile on my lips****… Hum, a joyful and pure smile, I mean!

I made a finger trap quickly with plant magic, in the good old ways!

While I'm thinking about it, I have a little nostalgia spirit lately, it's bad, I only am fift… Hum eight years old!

I also added the insects I picked up on the corpse of the guy who died in the ceremony. They are even capable of getting through the force-field of rank 4… Interesting!

-And that's 3!


The fourth collapse of tiredness too.

-And that's 4!

The last is looking at me with a hesitant air, then decide to stop following me, internally, he is sure of the direction I take.

-And that's 5!

Once I'm far enough, I change of direction and take the real direction… They are really believing I didn't read any novel? Jean-Kevin! You sure are naive, little kikoo! As a precaution, I didn't go nor at proximity of the base, nor in the opposed direction, nor at 90°, nor at 45, I just directed myself at 117° more clockwise, like that no one will find it. They'll just find themselves in the middle of nowhere!

-Ha ha ha! Don't provoke an Homo Internetus, you Homo Magi bunch!

I accelerate a bit.

Yes, I came up with a new branch of the human race for these magic men, their constitution is really special!

Ouch! My members are still breaking off beyond 2500km/h. Limits of youth, I suppose.

Anyway during the trip, I had a feeling…

Despite all her flaws, Marie is still fucking moe…

It makes me think about a link when I was on earth…


It was on bit.ly…

And what's following was… Oh yeah it was that!


Exactly that!

It's not like the author didn't want to break the brand new 5th wall so decided to use the excuse of reincarnation to not be forced to move on to the 6th after, baaaakaaaa!

*If you don't know it there is three possibilities: you aren't French, you are born before 2000 or born after 2005 or else you are pretending just to have an excuse to listen to it again. Regardless of what case is yours, you'll be able to torture your hears with this music of a French singer I hate! But as it had a lot of success with girls 6 years ago, I suffered a lot because of this, because I was hearing it everyone (imagine the horror)… All of that to say that with 42, the meaning of life (I don't want to be responsible of your loss of hearing so I won't give a link this time, you can google Tal le sens de la vie), it was impossible for me to not make any joke about it!

**The force-field is like a natural armor emitted by your body, in a way it's like another aura.

***Name of kikoo, literally John-Kevin in English.

****Due to the influence of the translation of a Chinese novel I quite like (http://bit.ly/BestWickedMC), I'll now translate every sadistic air related things to wicked smile, because I fell in love with this way of saying it, Yun LuoFeng best wicked female (and both sex) MC❤️!

Old thoughts:

Don't know if I already said it, but as I started translating "rang [number]" to "rank [number]" instead of [number]th rank I'll continue doing that, you can consider it as if rank was a unit, like centimeter, you can have 1, 2 or 3 ranks for example. Also, about numbers, as long as it's not into big numbers like millions, I won't add commas.


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