Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
24 The tragedy OR that sweet and gentle taste that destroys a friendship
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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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24 The tragedy OR that sweet and gentle taste that destroys a friendship

23 hours before I change of world…

It was a Monday… What do you mean it was a Sunday last time? No! One hour ago it was a Sunday, now, it is Monday!


It was a Monday, at midnight and the alleys were darker than ever…

What? I still need to add some atmosphere, no? It's still the few darker hours of my life I need the weather to be dark!

OK, ok…

It wasn't darker than usually at the same hour, and not darker than one hour ago… Are you happy? It's good? Can we resume the story?


I was at a friend's place.

We were looking at each other with a serious look… The air was filled of tension…

The tension was clearly palpable.

Of this result depended an important choice that could shock the world… This choice is… Who will go buy the candies! (go team special effects, insert here the laugh of Burns with lightning).

-Stone leaf scissaaahhh!

I shout, affected by the tension in the air…

-What again?

My friend asks me…

-Sorry, I heard the laughing of Burns with lighting!

-Stop trying to find you excuses! We all know (when I say we know it's because people are reading this novel, aren't they, because else we are only two in the room it would be strange) that my aside was sponsored by the 5th wall and you just saw you were going to lose!

-Don't worry! It's the last time!

-It's the hundredth last time!

Ensues a desperate fight!

Scissors VS scissors!

Well VS stone!

-Doesn't count, Moar!

Vulcan VS scissors!

-I said it doesn't count!

-Ok, ok…

Stone VS stone!

Leaf VS leaf!

Stone VS stone!

Leaf VS leaf!

Scissors VS scissors!

Stoo… Scissors VS leaf!

-Hey, Moar, saw you!

-What? I won!

I protest with an obvious sincerity.

-You go take the candies!

He answers me.

-OK, ok, I'll go…


I come back of the shop.

I have two packets, one of acidic candies, and one of normal candies.

When I arrive at my friend's apartment, it's closed. I'm a bit surprised because I let it open when leaving, I use the duplicate that I keep in my picket, and I enter.

My friend is not here.

He let a note on the table.

On this note, are a written a few words: « Girl pb, here in 15mins, don't eat my candies ».

-Don't worry.

I murmur.

I put his packet on the table, turn on the tv and start my packet…

I feel the acidity and the sugar mixing in my mouth, and I let out a little "ah" of orgasm.


It's still been 15 minutes that I'm waiting and I start asking myself what he's doing, he certainly had some complications.

I stick another candy in my mouth and this sweet and soft taste is overwhelming my mouth…

-Mmmhhh… Delicious.


30 seconds later and there is already nothing left!

I watch the packets in my hand and observe that they are really empty… I'm a bit disgusted.

I check the packet on the table that… Wait… No packet on the table… Two packets in my hand… A sweet and soft taste… An acidic packet and a normal packet…

-Oh your mother the bitch!

That moment of discovery, and especially of horror, will stay engraved in my memory.

I never had the occasion to buy another before being transported in another world.

That's the only regret I keep about my ancient world…

That and the spot check I wasn't able to do…

And some others but we'll talk about it another time…


Some subtleties about candies were lost in the translation:

In this chapter there is the use of bonbons (the start, that's quite formal), bonbecs (between friends in quite long sentences), and becs (alone and between friends when they want to make it short or between people in their teens). The two lasts are not polite at all.


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