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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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25 No revelations OR rule n°1 1

There won't be any revelation this chapter??? Seriously? It's great!

I finally broke the 5th wall by the way, we switch to the 6th.

The fourth was allowing me to notice that I was in a story, the 5th was letting me talk about the author and the real world from time to time, with the 6th, I'm able to read my own chapters! What is the 7th keeping for us? You'll know it in the new adventures of… Moardiana Jones! No, just joking.


We go back to this famous manor!

After entering, I ignore (again) the corpse of the kid and watch around me.

I'm standing in a corridor (again), and there is a door on my left, as well as about everywhere in the corridor in fact. But I'm lazy and the closest door is on my left.

So I enter.

This clearly scripted door is leading to stairs that are going down in the depths of the manor (that I remind you was already in the basement of the imperial palace).

After taking the stairs for a xianxia* time, so several hours, I arrive before a little room of xianxia size, so 1km per 1km in which is a xianxia throne, more than 50m high.

And what surprise!




Before me is a man a bit tall of xianxia size, who is so gigantic that he's shitting on the physics laws!

It doesn't make any sense! The room has a ceiling of 3m high, so why 1km!

What's happening!

The physics laws are full of shit, the reality is twisting of laught while watching it and the wall of reason is crumbling because of the strength of the sound waves emitted by the reality, crushing the physics law, which makes the reality twist even more etc in the whole you understood this joke is becomming clumsy!

-Fucking shit! That's a PARADOOOOOXXXXXX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Hey hey bro, don't yell this strong!


Since when a guy that seems like a bad guy is talking like that?

You have to know that he is dressed all in black, that he seems to be surrounded with a cope of darkness very useful for the script as even with his height we can't see his face, we can only see his fluorescent red eyes shining in the obscurity.

-I say don't yell this strong! I'm smokin' my spliff, need to be in the clouds.

I indeed see a little red light where should be his mouth if I'm estimating well.


This last reaction was quite weak and awkward.

I was ready for a bad guy and I find a 90m2 tall hippie who smoke a few centimeters long spliff…


-I took too much of it, buddy**.

It's been an hour I'm here, and the hippie is still doing his things.

He saw penguins, unicorns and aliens… He's good still, they're only Earth's notions! Hmm, maybe the author had no idea about what to write he saw because there are only 25 to 30 endemic creatures of his rp and none is really mythological…

-You come?

The hippie interrupt my pondering. I always hated drug so I certainly won't fall in the trap of starting…

-No, thanks.


After his 170th spliff he takes a cake and invite me to eat too.

I took a bit of it, and it's fucking great!


-Ha ha ha!

-Ha ha!

Well, there was maybe something in the cake, but I'm not really in the state to think about it.

In the end we discovered tons of common points between us, like…


We killed people!

There it is!

Killing people is bad? Don't know… My mind is a bit muddled…

I'm sure it'll pass with a part of cake…


-Master, your servant brang another "spacecake".

Oh, it was a spacecake…

My vision is a bit fuzzy, but I'm understanding well that this servant is saying spacecake like he doesn't know what it is.

His voice seems familiar to me, but my mind is a bit muddled…

I take a spliff and another puff to clear my mind…


Since when am I taking spliffs?

The voice of the hippie is changing, and becomes deep.


This voice is diabolic!

I see hell flames rising while his red eyes are becoming even more bright and the air becomes dark and oppressing, almost liquid… Moans of pain and despair seems to raise almost everywhere around…

-Ha ha ha!


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