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Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO!
Author :ClemCa
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26 No revelations or rule n°1 2

I'm laughing!

I just saw the Titanic crash into asteroid in space!

Wait… There is something not logical… Well, nevermind!


This voice is instantly release me of my… a bit special state.

It's the emperor!

What is he doing here?

-What are you doing here?

Wait… Wasn't I supposed to follow him? So why am I smoking spliffs on the shoulder of the hippie who became the bad master of hell?


I shiver… I have at the same time a good and a bad question…

The bad is, what is in this cake and these spliffs to even affect a rank 5 mage whose the body is supposed to be insensible to most things! I mean is there something as powerful as my magic-reinforced cannabis concoction in this world? And it just worked by a close margin on the emperor! On my side I'm sure than even if I was rank 6 it would still be affecting me!

And the good is, what's in this cake and these spliffs v2! My rank shot up to rank 7 from rank 5 by smoking one hour! I learned the addiction law! At what point does a drug need to be strong to make me so addict that I even understood a law without passing by the rank 6, the learning phase???

We can say I learned my first law in a pretty unexpected way…

-Moar! Answer me! I'm your father!

Oh, I forgot this one.

But now that I have a law, I see things…

For example, I have the addiction law, and I see the nicotine, the traces leaved by alcohol, sex and cannabis!

I just have to focus a bit, manipulate…

And! Here it is!


The emperor is doing a strange noise while he's fainting…

I activated everything that was left of cannabis in his body and one overdose, one!

I sit, I'm a bit tired.

-I had instructions to give to my servant…

I can feel that the bad guy is exasperated.

He pat with his little finger and the action for which I exhausted myself was cancelled instantly!

The emperor is waking up, and I'm making sure to disappear quickly of his field of view.

When after the rank 4, the mana in the air is replaced by the soul strength, after learning a law, we can still use the strength of our soul but we often prefer use our laws! The law is stronger!

And, be it my law or my soul strength, both are able to hide me from a rank 5 emperor.

-Master, it happens that…


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